uav factory burned down Ukraine
View of the burning UAV manufacturing plant purportedly sabotaged on February 18, 2024, in Lviv, Ukraine
On the night of February 18, an enterprise in the city of Lviv in Western Ukraine burned down. The local authorities of the city and the region confirmed the fire without giving any comments. It turned out that there was a secret the Ukrainian authorities attempted to hide.

The locals reported that an explosion thundered in the industrial facility located on Antonovich 116 in Lviv. After the explosion thundered at the facility, a large fire on the area of about 400 square meters broke out at the building, which reportedly burned down. The head of the regional administration claimed that the investigation of the incident was launched by the special services and the police.

uav plant burned down lviv ukraine
© CopyrightAnother view of the burning UAV manufacturing plant, February 18, 2024, in Lviv, Ukraine
It turned out that the enterprise was a strategically-important facility which served the needs of the Ukrainian military. The destroyed plant reportedly produced about 5,000 drones per month, including Ukrainian UAVs of Furia, Leleka 100, RAM II UAV and other types.

No Russian drones were spotted in the region that night, so the fire was not a result of a Russian strike. The SBU of the Lviv region confirmed that the cause of the fire was not a missile attack. It was soon reported by military sources that the facility came under attack of pro-Russian saboteurs.

Local underground fighters entered the territory of the plant and set fire to the workshop, after pouring gasoline.

Russian officially sources never confirm such attacks by guerrilla warriors, which are happening more and more often in different Ukrainian rear regions. Thus, the links between the saboteurs and Russian services can rarely be confirmed. Indeed, a lot of attacks in Ukrainian rears are launched by activists inspired by Russian ideas but not coordinated by any Russian forces.