tucker carlson
The brother of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein broke down details of the autopsy report with Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson on The Tucker Carlson Interview, claiming "nobody seems to know" where a piece of key evidence is.

Epstein's brother, Mark, appeared on Carlson's Twitter show to discuss the alleged suicide of his brother, breaking down key information he has found over the years. Carlson brought up the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into Epstein's death, questioning Mark on the information from the case.

Mark said while the case recently came out, they had previously been attempting to find out "what position" Epstein's body was in during his time of death for the last four years, noting the report allegedly stated he was in a "seated position" with all of body weight on his neck.

"Well, they came out with the report, you know, a few months ago and, uh, for four years we've been trying to find out what position his body was in when it was found โ€” and we couldn't get an answer to that either," Mark stated.

"But in the report, it described how he was found. It said that he was in a seated position with his legs extended in front of him and he was hanging from the top bunk. So if you picture that, you know, uh, basically all of his body weight, or most of his body weight was hanging by this noose around his neck or the ligature around his neck ... And they said when they cut them down or tore him down his buttocks was an inch โ€” an inch and a half โ€” above the ground. Again, which means his body weight was on his neck."

However, Mark continued to express his doubts in the DOJ's investigation report, stating that if Epstein's body weight had solely been on his neck, the "noose" or "ligature" would have ridden up "high" on his neck.

"Now โ€” if somebody's hanging like that, the noose or the ligature would ride up high on your neck and go high behind your ears to where it was tied to, but the autopsy photographs show that the ligature mark on Jeff's neck is in the middle of his neck and goes straight back โ€” as if somebody put a rope around his neck and strangled him, like Carlo in the Godfather โ€” in the car," Mark said.

Carlson then questioned Epstein's brother, asking why investigators did not test for evidence of Epstein's DNA on the rope, to which Mark stated that "nobody seems to know where" it is. Mark additionally claimed that due to the way Epstein was reportedly hanging his body should have shown signs of "lividity," highlighting that the report allegedly did not note that.

"So if โ€” um, it seems clear, just from the photographs of his autopsy that he was strangled with, say, a cord. Wouldn't you test that cord for his DNA?" Carlson questioned.

"Yeah, nobody seems to know where that is. Also, the way they said he was hanging โ€” and again, he had to be there for at least two hours. When you die ... the gravity takes the blood down to the lowest parts of your body and they become blotchy from the blood pooling under the skin, so the back of his legs and his buttocks should have what's called lividity," Mark stated.

"They should have this blotchiness like bruising look on the back of his legs and his buttocks. In autopsy photographs show that his legs are clean and clear. So he couldn't have been hanging that way ... for two plus hours. He'd have blood pooling in his legs. That's not the case."

Debate about Epstein's death has circulated online since he was found dead in his New York Metropolitan Correctional Center cell on August 10, 2019. While the deceased pedophile's death was formally ruled by the DOJ as a suicide, Carlson previously pushed back on the ruling.

In an August 2023 interview with former President Donald Trump, Carlson questioned the 45th president on the death of Epstein and advocated his belief that the billionaire was killed.