US embassy baghdad attack
FILE: US bases in Iraq and Syria have come under near-daily attacks by Iraqi resistance factions since mid-October 2023.
A rocket attack was launched against the US embassy in the Green Zone area of the Iraqi capital Baghdad on 8 December, with explosions heard inside the heavily fortified area.

"Probable sounds of impacts were heard" near the embassy and Union III base," an anonymous US military official told AFP.

"We are still awaiting official reports regarding casualties and damage to infrastructure, if any. We are also awaiting official reporting on the type of attack," the official added.

The embassy was targeted with at least three rockets, an Iraqi security official reported, adding that they landed on the outskirts of the district that houses government and diplomatic buildings.

Sirens blared and recorded messages played via loudspeaker warned people to "take cover."

The US embassy in Baghdad has not yet commented on the attack. No group has claimed responsibility.

The rocket attack comes as Iraqi resistance factions continue to strike US bases in Iraq and Syria in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance.

Hours after the rockets landed near the embassy, the Islamic Resistance of Iraq - a coalition of factions formed in October in rejection of US support for Israel - announced an attack on the US base inside Syria's Conoco oilfield.

"In response to the crimes committed by the enemy against our people in Gaza, the Mjahideen of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted the American occupation base in the Conoco oil field in Syria, with a rockets salvo, which directly hit its targets," the resistance statement reads.

Attacks have been taking place on a near-daily basis. Two days ago, the US Ain al-Assad base in western Iraq was targeted with a drone.

US warplanes have carried out several rounds of airstrikes in Iraq recently in response to the continuous attacks. Five Iraqi resistance fighters were killed in a US strike in Kirkuk on 3 December.