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The United States cannot support Ukraine endlessly because it has its own problems and, like European countries, is getting increasingly tired of the Ukrainian issue and financial burden, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday.

On Saturday, NBC News reported that US and European officials were expressing doubts about Ukraine's ability to break what they call a "stalemate" on the battlefield, and they were urging Ukraine to resort to peaceful negotiations.

"In both the US and Europe, there is growing fatigue with the Ukrainian issue as such, with the Kiev regime and with the burden they have placed on their shoulders," Peskov told Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin.

The Kremlin's spokesman specified that he meant the "financial feeding of the Ukrainian regime and the provision of it with ammunition and weapons. Even the most economically powerful countries, such as the US, cannot do this indefinitely and they have enough problems of their own .... and at some point it all becomes too much of a burden for them to bear," Peskov said.

Western countries understand that some of the money allocated to Kiev is being plundered, which requires an explanation to the electorate, Peskov said. "They realize that a certain part of the money they give to Ukraine is being simply plundered... And of course, they have to explain to their voters somehow why there is no proper mechanism for monitoring the spending of funds... And that is why such materials appear. And what else can they do?" Peskov said.