© SCFNATO in shreds
Russia overcame the existential assault by Nazi Germany. It will do so again against the despicable NATO axis.

This week saw widespread air strikes on the Russian Federation involving mass aerial drone attacks. Six regions were attacked including the capital, Moscow. Among the targets was the Kursk region where a nuclear plant is located. Several international airports across Russia were temporarily shut down. This is an incredible situation in which Russian territory is being targeted by a military assault not seen since the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany.

The U.S. media could barely contain its glee at the surge in air strikes on Russia. The New York Times hailed them as a "morale booster" for Ukraine, while CNN noted cryptically that the Kiev regime was "emboldened" to hit strategic targets inside Russia. The telling question of course not asked by CNN is: emboldened by whom?

Most of the incoming drones were shot down or disabled by Russian air defenses. But that is beside the point that Russian territory is now being targeted by mass attacks. And there can be no doubt that this "emboldened" military campaign is being enabled and directed by the United States and its NATO allies who are arming the Nazi regime in Kiev to the teeth.

The air strike, this week at Pskov airport is particularly revealing. Several Russian military cargo planes were reportedly destroyed. The location is only some 30 kilometers from Russia's northwestern border with Estonia and over 600 km from Ukraine. It is almost certain that NATO members Estonia and possibly Latvia enabled that attack on Pskov. Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has openly accused NATO of participating in the air assaults on Russian territory. The British publication, The Economist, also reported that NATO hardware, satellite and navigational logistics were vital for the drone campaign.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Deputy Chairman of Russia's National Security Council, this week stated that Russia now has legal justification for going to war with NATO members directly. He warned that the world is on the brink of a nuclear conflagration.

We need to step back here and see the process of the proverbial boiling-frog scenario. This describes an insidious creeping situation which would otherwise not be tolerated. A frog apparently will jump back from a pot of boiling water but if the frog is placed in the pot of water which is then slowly brought to the boil it will succumb passively to its ill fate.

The process seems apt as a metaphor for the conflict in Ukraine between the U.S.-led NATO bloc and Russia. The Kiev regime was installed in 2014 through a CIA-backed coup against a democratically elected president; it was armed and trained by NATO, despite its vile Nazi battalions, to attack ethnic Russians in Ukraine; when Russia intervened militarily in February 2022 after diplomatic offers were rejected by the U.S. and NATO, the conflict has steadily escalated over the past 18 months to the point where pre-war Russian territory is now coming under mass air strikes.

This mass assault on Russian territory by NATO forces would have been unthinkable only a few months ago. And yet here we are at that astounding point.

There seems little doubt that the air strikes on Russia are a sort of Plan B to compensate for the abject failure of the NATO-backed regime on the battlefields in Ukraine. The much-vaunted "counteroffensive" that started in June has become a debacle for the NATO sponsors. The turn towards drone strikes on Russia appears to be a change in tactic as a way of terrorizing the Russian population and destabilizing the authority of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as distracting from NATO's military incompetence.

Russia's defense doctrine mandates the use of nuclear weapons if the state's existential security is threatened. So far, the NATO-backed drone attacks on Russia have not reached that threshold. But the incremental process is dangerously heading in that dreadful direction.

If we were to turn the tables on the situation, the audacity would become even more apparent. Can anyone imagine for a second how the United States would react if a foreign adversary was enabling the launch of air strikes on Washington DC and other strategic centers, whereby airports were shut down and military infrastructure was being destroyed?

Tucker Carlson, the former Fox News host, said this week that he believed the United States was heading towards a catastrophic hot war with Russia over the coming year. He pointed out that the Biden administration and most of the politicians in Washington are incapable of avoiding such an outcome because of their arrogance, ignorance and irrational Russophobia. The U.S. lackeys in the European Union are also equally pathetic in their acquiescence to such a doomsday scenario.

Russia's forbearance has been remarkable given the relentless outrageous provocations from the U.S. and NATO. It has reached the stage where Russia has the legal right to defend itself by striking directly at NATO members. World War Three and the end of the planet are all but imminent and only checked because of the immense moral and military fortitude of Russia.

The United States' incumbent leaders and those of the European Union (with a few honorable exceptions like Hungary's Viktor Orbán) are showing themselves to the world as the reckless criminals that they are. They are willing to risk the deaths of millions of people and quite possibly planetary extinction.

Russia overcame the existential assault by Nazi Germany. It will do so again against the despicable NATO axis. The formidable strength of the Russian people and its military defenses will ensure that.

However, the ultimate fate of the corrupt Western states is one of definitive, historic failure. The longer this geopolitical conflict in Ukraine persists the deeper will be the fatal damage to Western presumptions of moral authority, governance and its war-driven capitalist economies. The boiling frogs are not in Russia. They are in the endemically corrupt Western regimes.