Heavy rain in Vladivostok.
© Anton Ivanov / TASS
Heavy rain in Vladivostok.
Flash floods have struck Far East Russia's Primorye region for the second time this month, causing major power outages in the territory's administrative center of Vladivostok on Friday.

A total of 70,000 out of the 600,000 residents of Vladivostok were left without electricity over an eight-hour period, said the Primorye region's prosecutor's office.

It was reported that two weeks' worth of precipitation fell in just a few hours of rainfall.

Footage shared by Vladivostok's Newsvl.ru news website showed extensive flooding, as well as damaged infrastructure and residential homes. Roads, parking lots and bridges were seen overflowing with water.

A preliminary investigation was launched into a damaged bridge.

The floods were partly caused by the soil soaking up rainwater from heavy rains earlier this month, according to Newsvl.ru

Primorye region Governor Oleg Kozhemyako asked employers to cut the workday short and let workers leave early.

Prosecutors said kindergarteners have been evacuated from some flood-prone areas.

The Primorye region was hit by tropical storm Khanun earlier in August, causing a deadly dam burst and triggering evacuations.