tucker carlson Ice cube ride along
Tucker Carlson and rapper Ice Cube
In an attempt to increase his credibility on the street, rapper-actor Ice Cube booked an appearance on conservative media pundit Tucker Carlson's show on Twitter (AKA "X"), thinking anyone seeing him hanging around Carlson will have no doubt he's a tough customer.

"If you want people to think you're hardcore, you gotta be around Tucker," Cube said after his interview with Carlson was completed. "I've spent a lot of time in Hollywood over the years, and it can be easy to lose some of your edge and make people think you've gone soft. Rollin' through South Central with Tucker Carlson shows everyone I'm still the real deal."

Carlson welcomed not only the chance to interview Ice Cube for his program but also to take the opportunity to lend an air of toughness and menace to his guest's persona. "I'm always happy to help out my homies," Carlson said while drinking his gin and juice. "If anyone has any doubts about my boy Cube, they were put to rest once they saw him riding with me in his car. Everybody knows I don't play. Straight-up."

Eyewitnesses on L.A. streets expressed newfound respect for Ice Cube. "I thought he might just be a guy who acts tough," said one bystander. "After seeing him with Tucker Carlson? Wooo...now I know not to mess with Ice Cube."

At publishing time, Ice Cube was reportedly hoping to collaborate with Carlson on a new hip-hop album set for release early next year.