Corona protestors germany
October 2020: Berlin riot police drag away Corona protestors, citing in part their failure to adhere to mask mandates. Today, the German Health Ministry admits they have no clue whether community masking is effective against Covid at all. Maybe somebody should apologise to all the people who have been arrested, fined, assaulted and hassled by agents of the pandemic regime.
As on several prior occasions, liberal Bundestag vice-president Wolfgang Kubicki has used his parliamentary prerogatives to put a question to the German Health Ministry, and compel an answer. He asked what study results the Ministry could cite to demonstrate the efficacy of face masks. Lauterbach's crack team of virus understanders responded that, uh, it is a very complicated problem, and, in truth, well, actually, nobody really knows what effect masks really have. This is because "the effectiveness of individual measures ... cannot be examined in isolation, but only in conjunction with the other measures in place at any given time."

In other words: they got nothing. After years of making kids mask for hours on end in school, and imposing arbitrary but quite obnoxious mandates on airplanes and public transit and clinics, they have no idea whether it did anything, and no plans even to find out whether it did anything. Suddenly all that manic masking enthusiasm has just evaporated.

The response comes several weeks after Anthony Fauci's statement to the New York Times that "at the population level, masks work at the margins, maybe 10 percent." This is itself a baseless claim, but it's another important walk-back of the insane doctrines that medical bureaucrats have been spinning about masks since 2020.

You have to think of propaganda like a big machine. Somebody has to plug it in and it draws a lot of electricity, but with the right inputs it can dazzle a lot of people. The problem is that sooner or later the deception isn't worth anybody's time or energy anymore, and so somebody must also shut it off. It looks like nobody bothered with any kind of messaging exit strategy, and so we've entered a very weird period, wherein the public health leviathan has ceased rehearsing its crazy pandemic myths, leaving the ever-shrinking minority of deranged Covidians to their own devices.

Now and again the fact-checkers still throw them a bone, so there's that.