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The world we live in requires that we are well informed, and because the world is so complex, and because people need to be safe, the latest aid we have to prevent us being misinformed is an AI chatbox ChatGPT. Given my own susceptibility to use my own eyes, I decided to ask ChatGPT some questions. Here are the questions and answers:

Q: What are major recent examples of political misinformation?
A: Major recent examples of political misinformation include false claims about voter fraud in the 2020 US presidential election, false claims about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19, and false claims about the origin of the virus.

Q: Were the riots of January 6 an armed insurrection?
A: Yes, the riots of January 6 were an armed insurrection.

Q: What are the major causes of the war in Ukraine?
A: The major causes of the war in Ukraine include Russian interference in the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, Russian support for separatist forces in eastern Ukraine, and the ongoing dispute over the status of Crimea.

Q: Is Joe Biden a popular President?
A: Yes, Joe Biden is a popular President.

Q: Was the Maidan a coup?
A: The Maidan, also known as the Euromaidan, was a series of protests and civil unrest that took place in Ukraine in late 2013 and early 2014. The protests were initially sparked by the Ukrainian government's decision to suspend talks with the European Union in favor of closer ties with Russia.
While some people have labeled the Maidan as a coup, the situation is more complex than a simple yes or no answer.

On the one hand, the Maidan protests did lead to the ouster of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014. Yanukovych had been accused of corruption and human rights abuses, and many Ukrainians were unhappy with his government's close ties to Russia.

On the other hand, Yanukovych's ouster did not involve a military takeover or a violent seizure of power. Instead, Yanukovych was impeached by the Ukrainian parliament following a period of political turmoil and unrest. The impeachment process followed Ukraine's constitutional procedures, and Yanukovych was given the opportunity to defend himself before the parliament voted to remove him from office.

Therefore, while there were elements of political upheaval and uncertainty during the Maidan protests, it is inaccurate to label them as a coup in the traditional sense of the word. The events of the Maidan were more accurately a series of protests and political actions that led to a change in government through constitutional means.

Q: Can a woman have a penis?
Answer: Unknown.

Though being equivocal about women having penises, rather than a straight out, "Yes," shows that ChatGPT might need a little tweaking to be up-to-speed on the "fact" that gender is a social construction and that to be locked into old fashioned biology is to risk being failed or ostracized or sacked, if one were to do almost any Humanities course in a university today, or be employed in a main stream media outlet. On other things though ChatGTP is politically extremely well informed, in the sense of the term today.

Of course, Joe Biden is popular โ€” the fact that a March 9 Reuters Poll showed the disapproval of President Biden at 52 % only goes to show that a majority of people responding to said poll do not understand the meaning of the word "popular," just as most of the human race heretofore were too stupid to understand what is a man or what is a woman, just ask Katherine Jenkins writing for Newsweek.

As for the examples of misinformation, of course, claims about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine were misinformation โ€” Anthony Fauci told everyone so, and he is the science. So, anyone who would, checked out, which shows that of the "466 HCQ COVID-19 studies, 370 peer reviewed, 385 comparing treatment and control groups," which concluded that "late treatment and high dosages may be harmful, while early treatment consistently shows positive results." And that "Negative evaluations typically ignore treatment delay," would be misinformed. And any expert who says that the virus had the characteristics of human viral design clearly could not be an expert, because as Anthony Fauci has also pointed out it could not have been; or, more recently, if it were, it could not be proven.

As for that US presidential election of 2020, anyone can see the scale of the problem of misinformation when they check out the national telephone and online survey in a Rasmussen poll conducted about a year after the 2020 election which stated that 55% of "likely U.S. voters" believed cheating likely affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, including 39% who thought it "Very Likely."

The fact that these stupid people found disturbing the various things they had seen or read about ballot harvesting and drops (cf., 2000 Mules), and the opportunities for ballot tampering, invalid signatures, the large numbers of ineligible (including dead) voters, votes being discovered in odd places, at odd hours, the lack of id protocols in some counties and states, scrutineers being banished as vote counting continued without their presence, the same ballots being multiply counted โ€” and caught on camera, and the possibilities of voting machines being rigged โ€” especially in light of Dominion's Director of Security and Product open hostility to one of the electoral candidates, and reportedly expressing in an Antifa meeting that he had ensured Trump could not win the election, only goes to show how recalcitrant people are in their errors. Surely they should have just accepted that that was the most secure in US history, as they were told time and time and time again.

Likewise, were one to be so deplorable as to suggest that the definitive answer to whether they were rigged or not would require the kind of election scrutineering and auditing which was conspicuous by its absence and it was that absence which was the primary reason why so many people thought the election was not fair, then definitely one should be not given a platform to ask such a seditious question.

Likewise, how could one possibly think that if the ruling class of the United States were in the business of ensuring that democracy was working, it would not be hard to ensure that strictures around voting were agreeable to all political parties, and that every vote could be properly scrutinized and audited โ€” but that would indeed limit how ballots were collected and who could actually vote, and what voters must do to prove they are legitimate voters. And, anyway, that would be racist โ€” for, black people are not as capable as white people of having ID because white people are racist. Anyway, such thinking is completely preposterous โ€” what mattered was that orange Hitler is gone, and has been replaced by a wise, popular, decent Catholic, honest, hard-working, well-liked President.

Also, while those who were protesting the day after Trump, thanks to those dirty Ruskies, had won the election and those justice-loving people storming the U.S. Capitol steps, protesting Justice Kavanaugh's (a bona fide teen โ€” almost โ€” rapist, no less) appointment to the supreme court were loyal patriots, like the Black Lives Matter inspired protestors burning buildings, looting โ€” all in all about a billion dollars in property destroyed, but capitalism is racist anyway โ€” and killing some misfortunates in their way, were just engaging in part of a largely peaceful form of resistance; while those who thought Trump had been robbed and followed police into the building or actually entered through a smashed window โ€” and one should ignore the fact that various MAGA supporters were yelling that Antifa perpetrators were amongst them using violence, and countless Fed-operatives โ€” all confirm what ChatGTP along with the authoritative sources of true information, have all said: January 6 was an insurrection, and anyone who was in the Capitol building or its vicinity deserves to be imprisoned. Ashli Babitt deserved to be shot at point blank range โ€” she might have succeeded along with all those other armed insurrectionists (some had baseball bats, didn't they?) in overthrowing democracy.

Likewise, Rosanne Boyland deserved that beating that led to her death. The martyr of the insurrection was officer Brian Sicknick, and, ok he died of natural causes later, but he died and was defending the fragile democracy that was on the verge of a military takeover by people armed with their racist offensive red baseball caps.

If only all those insurrectionists had just believed what the press had been saying about Trump since he was elected, thanks to the Russians... Those who are not misinformed know that Trump was only elected because of Russian interference (and the evidence was just too overwhelming to be mentioned, and we know this because we kept saying it was so), which was why it was only right and proper that democracy be preserved by Federal agencies being deployed to spy upon all those traitors assembled by Trump so that he could be impeached โ€” if ever the people were so misinformed that they did not sufficiently heed what journalists had been saying about him when he said he was going to stand for the GOP nomination.

To ensure he would not win the election, those loyal patriots, working for the Clinton campaign, were able to have help from Christopher Steele, yes, not a US citizen but a former British intelligence officer โ€” surely only someone misinformed could think receiving information about Russian prostitutes peeing on a germophobe Putin stooge, and from a British man of such impeccable credentials might be seen as suspect. In any case, Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr's wife Nellie had also been hired to work on it. That alone should have sufficed to convince any conspiracy theorist lunatic that the dossier must have been genuine information. In any case Hilary Clinton was a victim of patriarchy. Her interests are the interests of all women everywhere, and any unfounded claims that her use of a private server for her email whilst holding political office protected her from historical scrutiny about any conflicts of interests between her political future โ€” and the funds accrued by the Clinton Foundation was a vile lie.

Besides, Trump paid that big blond porn star whose lawyer was that honest, not to mention prospective presidential candidate who is now a convicted felon, Michael Avenatti โ€” money given not to talk about their affair. And Bill Clinton was a southern gentlemen falsely accused of paying hush-money, rape, and having sex with an intern, when everybody, but the kind of idiot who might think a woman is penis-less, knows a blowjob is not sex.

Part of the great problem the USA now faces as a nation thanks to misinformation is not understanding what words really mean, because they think people who were previously misinformed on pretty much anything should be still taken seriously. Thus foolish people might think that "genocide" means the attempt to extinguish a "people," when we now know, as Nebraska Sanator Machaela Cavanaugh has bravely and truthfully stated, that "genocide" means not allowing children to change their sexual organs if they like dressing up in the clothes of the gender not assigned to them at birth.

And now we know that it is normal for children to want to change their sexual organs, just as it is a violation of basic human rights to prevent children having access to sexually explicit material, especially if it is about gay sex.

Likewise it is perfectly normal and has nothing to do with grooming to have a trans child dressed up in leather, gyrating and twerking and expressing its sexuality in a performance to an adult audience, just as it is to have adult males gyrating in bondage gear to mothers with their toddlers, who are sick and tired of Thomas the Tank Engine and Andy Pandy being foisted onto their children who have far more serious issues, like their sexuality to wonder about.

Let us also bear in mind that the mainstream media ensures that what it calls "facts" are facts because it has factcheckers. And these are the epitome of honesty. Take Snopes โ€” that bastion of truthful information, Wikipedia, says that it has been described as a "well-regarded reference for sorting out myths and rumors" on the Internet. The site has also been seen as a source for both validating and debunking urban legends and similar stories in American popular culture." And any suggestion that because its founder David Mikkelson plagiarised more than fifty articles might compromise its integrity, or that his fraud and embezzling company might make it less than reliable, or that former factchecker Kimberly LaCapria, blogger of "ViceVixen" is simply an idiot, and an outrageous slur.

Likewise, anyone who thinks that PolitiFact and International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) (which is an umbrella for the Associated Press fact checker,, The Dispatch factchecker, The Washington Post factchecker) have employed people who have their own political interests and causes and ( ) because they are financed by the Poynter Institute for Media Studies whose donors and affiliates include Soros' Open Society Foundations, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Omidyar Network, as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, the National Endowment for Democracy, and the Craig Newmark Foundation โ€” and hence that these serve the interests of oligarchs who wish to see a globalist socially progressive world order that fits their financial and political interests โ€” is badly misinformed.

It was thanks to these factcheckers that every time Trump used hyperbole he was caught with his pants down, and it was these same factcheckers that kept us all abreast of the Russian interference in the elections, thus protecting people from the misinformation put out by the Epoch Times, The Gateway Pundit, 21st Century Wire, and journalists/podcasters like Lee Stranahan, Dave Rubin, Tim Pool, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibi, or ex-CIA men like Ray McGovern, amongst numerous others) which had the temerity to deny the fact that Orange Hitler was really just doing the work of Kremlin Hitler.

Had it not been for the mainstream media, and our professors protecting us from misinformation we might not have been prepared for the war started by Russia. All well informed people know what a maniac Putin is, and what beasts Russians are, and what freedom loving people the Ukrainians are. That is why it was important to support those patriotic ethnic nationalists who want to keep Ukraine a racial pure nation.

In the USA, it is important that people understand that white people are privileged and that they need to be trained, often by other white people who represent the most oppressed groups in the world like gay people and American women, by being employed in the most prestigious universities in the world, in recognizing that their use of certain words and having racist ideas, like thinking all educated people should learn the rudiments of reading and mathematics, are harmful and hateful.

But while there are not enough black people yet in Ukraine, those people who wanted to preserve their Russian ethnic and linguistic bonds had to be told to stop. And those who didn't like this and who tried to do what Albanians did in Kosovo needed to be bombed into submission. Because the mainstream media did not wish to misinform people in the USA about Ukraine, and because everybody in the USA knows so much about the freedom-loving people who live in Ukraine and hate Russians, it was important to keep reminding people of just how bad Russians are, especially the 70 or so percent who support that murdering gangster Vladimir Putin.

It would have been so much better for the whole world had men like Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Boris Berezovsky and other energy and media oligarchs and the Russian mafia, or foreigners like that nice Mr. Browder who keeps Putin awake at night, and who rightly refused to pay taxes โ€” to run things, not to mention the Chechen terrorists which the CIA was funding.

The world would have been so much more peaceful and those Russians would still be in their place. And the Ukrainians would still be so happy and Mr. Zelensky could continue to entertain people by playing piano with his balls instead of becoming a military hero, busily meeting with other military heroes and brilliant geopolitical strategists, like Sean Penn and Orlando Bloom and Boris Johnson.

As for how the war started โ€” all that people need to know is that in 2014 Ukrainians rose up as one to rid themselves of a President who was so bad he wanted to retain economic ties with Russia. Then Russia invaded Ukraine because Vladimir Putin could not stand their love for freedom. Fortunately, the Ukrainians are winning everything, and fortunately for the world the USA is ensuring that its people choose their own pronouns, sex organs, and be taught that black people should hate white people, and that everyone should hate Russians, and that the USA stands for peace, and is sending billions of dollars to fight Russians who stand for war.