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Interactive Map for Sewage Beaches around the UK
New warnings have been applied to dozens of beaches across the UK today after sewage water was discharged into the sea - with the newly-crowned 'best beach in the UK' among those affected

Members of the public have been told to steer clear of 83 beaches across the country due to sewage leaking into the water.

Comment: 'Leaking' or being dumped into the water by companies that were given the go ahead by the government?

New pollution alerts from swimming charity Surfers Against Sewage from been unveiled following heavy rainfall over recent days, which has caused waste water to be discharged into the sea.

Comment: Some older footage of the now common sewage dumping, and that shows this has been going on for a few years already; but it indeed is getting worse:

An alert has even been applied to Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk, which was last month named by Tripadvisor as the best beach in the UK.

A warning from the charity said: "A large, 3km stretch of sand backed by a promenade, gardens and the town with timber groynes found along its length.

"Gorleston-on-Sea became popular in Edwardian times and is still a busy seaside resort. A number of sewer overflows discharge into the River Yare that flows to the sea at the northern end of the beach."

Other popular tourist destinations affected by the warnings include Brighton, Scarborough, Blackpool and Whitstable.

In just one year, England and Wales' waterways had sewage pumped into them for at least 3.4million hours, according to recent figures analysed by Top of the Poops.

The River Severn was the most polluted river, and had seen 28,741 hours of sewage pumped into it on 2,656 occasions by Severn Trent Water.

The Environment Agency has been been approached for comment on the latest sewage leaks.

[The article lists all of the polluted beaches here.]