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The Center for Health Security (more at health insecurity) report out of Johns Hopkins reads like plotlines straight out of dystopian horror b-movie, or a WEF speech given by Klaus Schwab. Same difference really.

Except the deadly "vaccine" technologies that they are now preparing to unleash on the world are all too real.

In the chapter entitled Self-Spreading Vaccines the researchers and university bureaucrats working on behalf of their Military-Intelligence Industrial masters admit to their next bioterror attack vector on the populace; to wit:
What is the technology?

Self-spreading vaccines — also known as transmissible or self-propagating vaccines — are genetically engineered to move through populations in the same way as communicable diseases, but rather than causing disease, they confer protection. The vision is that a small number of individuals in the target population could be vaccinated, and the vaccine strain would then circulate in the population much like a pathogenic virus. These vaccines could dramatically increase vaccine coverage in human or animal populations without requiring each individual to be inoculated. This technology is currently aimed primarily at animal populations. Because most infectious diseases are zoonotic, 40 controlling disease in animal populations would also reduce the risk to humans.
Note that these self-spreading and self-replicating (SSSR) "vaccines" will not just be administered to humans, but to animals as well.

Center for Health Insecurity report purposely goes on to purposely misdirect the reader on the true nature of this technology:
What problem does this solve?

The most practical and useful application of self-spreading vaccines would be to control disease spread in wild animal populations (also known as sylvatic spread). A vaccine would be administered to a few selected animals in hotspots among target populations including nonhuman primates, bats, or rodents. The vaccine would then spread within the target population, eliminating the need to vaccinate each animal. Successful disease control in animal populations could limit the number of infected animals and thereby reduce the opportunity for the disease to spill over into humans, thus stopping outbreaks in humans before they ever emerge. Such a sylvatic strategy would reduce the overall number of outbreak opportunities in humans, but it could not interrupt an outbreak once it becomes established in humans. In the event of a grave public health threat, self-spreading vaccines could potentially be used to broadly inoculate human populations. Like the approach in animals, only a small number of vaccinated individuals would be required in order to confer protection to a larger susceptible population, thus eliminating the need for mass vaccination operations, including PODs.
If diseases "spill over into humans," then SSSR slow kill bioweapon injections will spill over from animals into humans and vice-versa, all while every single carbon based life form in theory may spread these SSSR "vaccines" to each other ad infinitum.

Of course, the One World Government sociopaths would never release a virus or "vaccine" that they could ever lose control of. They most certainly have for themselves and their livestock the cure against the "cure," or the inoculation against the "inoculation."
What does success look like?

If used in animals, successful implementation of self-spreading vaccines would prevent spillover of pathogens with pandemic potential into human populations without the need for difficult and costly mass vaccination operations in animal populations. For example, inoculation of relatively few bats and nonhuman primates against Ebola could potentially limit or eliminate human outbreaks. Sufficient coverage could even eradicate animal diseases, permanently eliminating these risks to both animals and humans. For human use, targeted release of weakly transmissible self-spreading vaccine early in an outbreak could create herd immunity in communities and prevent an outbreak from becoming a pandemic. If introduced later, after an outbreak has become widespread, self-spreading vaccines could still help to protect susceptible individuals and limit the number of new cases and prevent catastrophic outcomes. While self-spreading vaccines could help reduce illness and death in a severe pandemic, this approach comes with several big challenges. One important component of the current vaccination approach for humans is the informed consent process. In order to receive a vaccine, individuals (or their legal guardians) must be informed about the risks of vaccination by a healthcare provider and provide their consent before being vaccinated. Those who decline are not forced to receive a vaccine. In the case of self-spreading vaccines, the individuals directly vaccinated would have this option, but those to whom the vaccine subsequently spreads would not.
Informed consent did not stop the illegitimate governments, their unconstitutional agencies and the likes of their partners in crime the CDC, FDA, UN, WEF, WHO et al. from pushing the COVID "vaccines" via illegal "mandates" without so much as not only not disclosing the risks, but actively lying and covering them all up. Not to mention bribing parents to sacrifice their children to genetic experimentation, etc.
Additionally, self-spreading vaccines would potentially infect individuals with contraindications, such as allergies, that could be life-threatening.
Conveniently left out is SADS, myocarditis, turbo cancers and a plethora of other known adverse effects from these gene therapy poisons.
The ethical and regulatory challenges surrounding informed consent and prevention and monitoring of adverse events would be critical challenges to implementing this approach even in an extreme event. Finally, there is a not insignificant risk of the vaccine virus reverting to wild-type virulence, as has sometimes occurred with the oral polio vaccine — which is not intended to be fully virulent or transmissible, but which has reverted to become both neurovirulent and transmissible in rare instances. This is both a medical risk and a public perception risk; the possibility of vaccine-induced disease would be a major concern to the public. Modeling efforts suggest that making self-spreading vaccines weakly transmissible might reduce the risk of reversion to wild-type virulence by limiting the number of opportunities for the virus to evolve. However, weakly transmissible vaccines would have to be introduced to more people to obtain sufficient immunity in the target population.
Of course, they admit that antibody-dependent enhancement or original antigenic sin could unleash hell on earth, but that would be a small price to pay given their profound concern for humanity's health.

Also, all modeling efforts to date have proven to be completely wrong in every single scenario, and during their next psyop it will be no different, by design.

The target population is being targeted not with sufficient immunity -- since those that rejected the DEATHVAX™ continue to have robust natural immunity whereas those conned into their mRNA injections are now genetically modified humans and as such have VAIDS -- but, rather, with methodical depopulation.

And if SSSR genetic poisons are not bad enough, the report goes on to review other delivery strategies that will also do absolutely nothing to prevent transmission or attenuate sickness, but be most effective as a broader followup global eugenics program.

For example, the report reviews Ingestible Bacteria for Vaccination which could be added to food supplies or aerosolized a la "vaccine" carrying GMO mosquitos via Drone Delivery to Remote Locations. To read more of this biomedical insanity you may download the report in its entirety: 181009 Gcbr Tech Report

And if that was not troubling enough, it turns out that the latest PSYOP-23 "pandemic" threat in the Marburg virus which was covered yesterday...

...already has an experimental but exceedingly "Safe and Effective" MARV "vaccine" developed by the psychotic criminals over at the NIH.

The news release entitled Marburg vaccine shows promising results in first-in-human study opens with the following specious paragraph:
A newly published paper in The Lancet shows that an experimental vaccine against Marburg virus (MARV) was safe and induced an immune response in a small, first-in-human clinical trial. The vaccine, developed by researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, could someday be an important tool to respond to Marburg virus outbreaks.
Basically, this is an admission that there is no meaningful RCT with placebo control study showing efficacy, or safety. No matter, because this too will be an important tool to "respond" to Marburg virus outbreaks. In other words, it will be a response tool, and not a tool to prevent transmission or attenuate symptoms.

The article goes on with more of the usual language tricks:
In this study, 40 healthy adult volunteers were enrolled at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Clinical Trials Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. They received a single dose of either a low dose of the vaccine (1x1010 particle units) or a higher dose (1x1011 particle units). For safety, the volunteers were enrolled in a dose-escalation plan. Three participants received the lower dose. Then, when they did not exhibit severe adverse reactions after the first seven days, the trial proceeded to enroll the remaining 17 volunteers. The same procedure was also used for the higher dose group. Volunteers were monitored for adverse reactions to the investigational vaccine and evaluated at regular intervals for 48 weeks to track their immune responses.
No control group. Tiny sample size. But no doubt "95% effective" just like Pfizer's DEATHVAX™ offerings.
The trial's safety results were encouraging: There were no serious adverse events, and the experimental vaccine was well-tolerated. One participant in the higher dose group developed a fever following vaccination, but it resolved by the following day. In addition, the investigational vaccine appeared to induce strong, long-lasting immunity to the MARV glycoprotein: 95% of participants in the trial exhibited a robust antibody response after vaccination, and 70% maintained that response for more than 48 weeks.
Yes, "95% effective" indeed. Will the FDA try to coverup this research data for 75 years too?
Plans are in place to conduct further trials of the cAd3-Marburg vaccine in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and the United States. If additional data supports the promising results seen in the Phase 1 trial, the cAd3-Marburg virus vaccine could someday be used in emergency responses to MARV outbreaks.
Perhaps the crazies at the NIH will simply deploy the drones with aerosolized self-replicating MARV "vaccines" for their Phase 2 trial because "pandemic" and "climate change" and whatever other mass induced fear "emergencies" they've manufactured?

Do NOT comply.