dog attack
The Laredo Police Department is releasing more details regarding the death of a migrant woman who was found dead in south Laredo.

Residents who live near the 300 block of River Front are shaken up after learning about a woman who was found dead with bite marks on Tuesday morning.

Surveillance video from a nearby home captured the moments first responders arrived and found with the woman injured at the scene.

A south Laredo resident who did not want to be identified said she is both shocked and scared not just for her children but for the people in the neighborhood as well.

After an autopsy conducted by the Webb County Medical Examiner's Office, officials believe the woman was in her 20s, from Guatemala and had crossed the Rio Grande when she was apparently attacked by a dog.

The medical examiner stated that the woman had sustained multiple bite marks all over her body which ultimately resulted in her death.

While it's not known what type of dog it was or if multiple dogs were involved, residents say, dog attacks are common in the neighborhood.

Residents who live in the area say they have had issues with stray dog attacks in the past, but when they try to reach out to animal control nothing gets done.

We've called several times to the pound because there have been reports of those dogs attacking people including my son who was attacked several times, but the pound says they couldn't take them There were two stray dogs, but the pound never did anything about it", said the woman.

Residents hope animal control and dog owners take action to prevent these tragic incidents from happening.

At this time the woman's identity has not been released.

The Webb County Medical Examiner's Office is working with the Guatemalan Consulate's Office to see if a woman has been reported missing.