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Fire at the Tarczyński meat plant.
34 firefighters are extinguishing a fire in a production hall in the Trzebnica poviat in Lower Silesia. One of the halls of the Tarczyński brand sausage is on fire. The fire broke out in the afternoon, no people were injured.

The person on duty of the voivodeship command post of the State Fire Service in Wrocław informed that the fire broke out in the afternoon, but the firefighting operation was still ongoing, in which 34 firefighters were involved.

"The fire broke out in a hall 200 meters by 50 meters with a height of fifteen meters. The source of the fire was located in the inter-ceiling of this hall, the situation is under the control of firefighters, but the extinguishing action continues" - said the duty officer.

He emphasized that all the employees who were on the premises of the production plant had left the area on their own and that there were no people injured in this fire.