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Illegal immigrants bussed in from Texas sit outside the gate to Kamala Harris' Washington home.
President Joe Biden's reluctant border czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, had the migrant crisis dropped on her doorstep Thursday morning.

Two buses carrying about 100 migrants from Texas were deposited at the gate of her residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC — putting the issue squarely in the path of the crisis-dodging veep.

The migrants, many of them Venezuelan nationals, had been picked up in Eagle Pass, Texas, and were then shipped off to DC by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Fox News Digital reported.

Video from the scene showed a large group of men, women and children carrying small pillows and backpacks, some with blankets draped over their shoulders to keep off the morning chill as they milled about and chatted among themselves outside the guarded gates of Harris' residence.

At least two of the men assured Fox that the US-Mexico border is "open" — just days after Harris claimed it is "secure" in a muddled TV interview.

A representative from a charity called Sanctuary DMV later arrived at the scene and announced to the migrants they would be going to a local church, where they will be offered assistance.

Biden had appointed Harris to oversee the country's out-of-control immigration situation in March 2021 — with the vice president not visiting the US-Mexico border till three months later. Even then, she toured an area far from the crisis epicenter.

Then just days ago, Harris declared during an interview on NBC's Meet the Press that the US southern border is "secure."

According to the latest Customs and Border Protection data, migrant arrest numbers have almost doubled under the Biden administration and already exceed last year's record.

NBC host Chuck Todd challenged Harris' statement, noting that the number of border crossings was nearing 2 million for the first time ever and asked her if she was "confident" the border is secure.
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Abbott has been sending busloads of migrants from Texas to Democrat-controlled cities like New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, throughout the summer.
Harris offered a befuddling response, saying: "We have a secure border in that that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration. But there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix given the deterioration that happened over the last four years."

Abbott, a Republican, has been sending busloads of migrants from Texas to Democrat-controlled cities like New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, throughout the summer to teach the cities a lesson about the real implications of the border crisis, which has overwhelmed the Lone Star State.

Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, declared a public emergency last week over the influx of migrants coming from Texas and Arizona — who require accommodations, medical care and other critical services.

Bowser's repeated requests to have the National Guard deployed to help with the migrant crisis have been turned down by the Department of Defense.