CBS ukraine

CBS News published a report late last week about "Why military aid to Ukraine doesn't always get to the front lines: 'Like 30% of it reaches its final destination'". It raised the alarm about the long-term consequences of there being no oversight for ensuring that those Western weapons sent to Kiev actually end up where they're supposed to and stay there. The outlet quoted the founder of a Lithuanian-based organization that claims to only send non-lethal aid to that crumbling former Soviet Republic in reporting their estimate that only less than a third of foreign arms reach their final destination.

According to Jonas Ohman, "There are like power lords, oligarchs, political players" that directly get involved in this process upon those weapons entering their country's territory, which is the primary problem at play. Another source mentioned in their report is Andy Millburn, who founded "a company dedicated to training frontline Ukrainian soldiers". He cynically said that "If you provide supplies, or a logistics pipeline, there has got to be some organization to it, right?...the surprise isn't that, oh, all this stuff isn't getting to where it needs to go — the surprise is that people actually expected it to."

Donatella Rovera, a senior crisis adviser for Amnesty International who has been monitoring human rights violations in Ukraine, was probably the most damning source quoted in CBS News' report. She warned that the lack of oversight when it comes to these Western weapons dangerously risks replicating the scenarios in Iraq and Afghanistan where ISIS and the Taliban respectively ended up seizing some of these arms. She suggested that "Oversight mechanisms should be in place to avoid that", which is simple enough of a solution but thus begs the question of why such mechanisms aren't already in place.

It can't be known for sure, but the answer might be related to a combination of ineptitude and ulterior motives. About the first, the US Government isn't known for its effectiveness and always struggles to manage major international campaigns. Regarding the second, some of this might be done on purpose by elite members of its military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies ("deep state") with the intention of sowing the seeds of chaos that they'd later attempt to manipulate in the direction of their grand strategic interests for reasserting their declining unipolar hegemony via divide-and-rule plots.

The first explanation doesn't require any further elaboration but the second one definitely does, especially considering the present context of the global systemic transition to multipolarity that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban recently described as having resulted in an undeclared civil war between the West's liberal-globalist elite and conservative-sovereigntist populists while speaking in Texas. The US' ruling liberal-globalist elite might thus be plotting to arm fellow travelers who agree with their ideology (including illegal immigrants) and/or controlled opposition ("the far-right").

In any case, there have been plenty of warnings about what might inevitably be in store for Europe if there continues to be no oversight when it comes to those Western arms being sent to Kiev. That recipient openly allows Neo-Nazis to fight for it, some of whom might eventually flee from their homeland for the EU under the false cover of being "refugees" and bring their Western-supplied arms with them to set up fascist franchises wherever they end up. These terrorists might in the worst-case scenario start killing non-Caucasians and/or LGBTQ+ due to their ideological hatred of those people.

It's therefore incumbent for the entirety of Europe to preemptively avert this from happening by maximally pressuring the US and its vassals to establish credible and transparent oversight mechanisms for ensuring that Western arms only go to non-fascist members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Under no circumstances can the state of affairs indefinitely continue as it's been lest the risk of "blowback" (which might cynically be the point from the perspective of some members of the US elite) further intensify and horrifyingly result in the needless loss of innocent lives.