Ukrainian Special Forces (SSO) sniper.
Ukrainian Special Forces (SSO) sniper.
Louise Mensch an online blogger, former UK Conservative MP, chick-lit author and committed Russophobe with a sizeable following on Twitter effectively called upon the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces to assassinate Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett.

Mensch whose Substack account includes titles such as "Yes Vladimir Putin has Parkinson's disease" a claim refuted by CIA Director William Burns responded to Bartlett's comment that she was on the ground in Donbass recording the Ukrainian criminal use of petal or butterfly mines in residential areas of Donetsk and surroundings.

Video - Eva Bartlett's on-the-ground report on butterfly mine deployment against Donetsk civilians:

One twitter account asked Bartlett if she was "on the scene", Bartlett replied "yes" and Mensch called in the Special Forces "hear that @SOF_UKR?". Multiple twitter accounts reacted in horror at this flagrant violation of international law applicable to cyber operations that should protect users against what qualifies as terrorism according to journalist George Eliason based in Ukraine since before 2014.

Video - George Eliason "Louise Mensch directs a UA military hit against Journo Eva Bartlett":

What did Twitter do in response to the multiple reports of incitement to violence? It failed to respond to many reports including mine and when it did respond it claimed that Mensch "hadn't broken their safety policies".

This effectively means that while Twitter will suspend accounts for pointing out the criminality of Western foreign policy, it will endorse the targeting of an independent journalist reporting on the murder of civilians with prohibited weapons. Twitter has previously declared links to the CIA surveillance operations. Now it appears Twitter is involved in facilitating the potential assassination of journalists who challenge the CIA/MI6 narratives in Ukraine.

Other accounts were suspended for calling out Mensch's leading to multiple tweets accusing Twitter of supporting fascism:

Hey @TwitterSupport why are you not taking down the tweet that is calling for the death of a journalist, yet deleted & censored the tweet drawing attention to that fact? Can you explain? We would all like to know. Fiorella's tweet was a screenshot of a tweet that's still up also.

Steve Sweeney, International Editor of the Morning Star also demanded a response from Twitter:
So @FiorellaIsabelM is locked out of her account but @LouiseMensch tweet encouraging Ukrainian forces to kill @EvaKBartlett is absolutely fine? Care to explain this one @TwitterComms ? I'll be writing a news story about it (again) tomorrow so will be in touch for comment.
Butterfly or Petal Mines kill and maim civilians and particularly children who don't realise they are not toys

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According to a statement from the Donetsk Peoples' Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DPR MFA):
To activate the prohibited anti-personnel mine PFM "Lepestok" requires a push force of only 5 kg. It's scary to imagine what such a mine can do to a child. In order to avoid health hazards, the DPR Representative Office in the JCCC created an interactive map ( areas most infected by PFM "Lepestok" mines.

This is not an exact map of minefields, but in areas marked with red shading, you need to take the greatest care and caution:

- drive only on paved roads, avoiding any movement on grass/ground;

- carefully watch your step;

- do not pick up any unfamiliar objects;

- in case of hazard detection, call 101.
Warning graphic image:

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Eva Bartlett has tweeted about the hideous injuries caused by these mines and recorded her experiences on her Telegram channel:
Footage from Donetsk where brutal Ukrainian-fired "petal" or "butterfly" mines litter the streets.

Harrowing to walk now, when it could be so easy to make one wrong step and lose a foot or leg. Some of the mines I saw were circled in chalk or paint or other, some were curbside with a "warning, mines!!" sign nearby.

Even when the mines are identified with signs or chalk/other around, they can be difficult to actually see. So imagine how easy it is to step on them if no one has put any sort of warning. Horrors. Ukrainian-instigated horrors.

I shudder to think of the elderly selling goods in street or walking in the street. A colleague mentioned seeing an older man ready to poke at the little clump of a mine with his cane....thankfully he interviewed & prevented that older man from being maimed or killed.
These Lepestok cluster mines are banned under international humanitarian law and their use is deemed a war crime under the Geneva Convention. To children these deadly weapons appear as toys and will tear and rip limbs apart if picked up or trodden on.

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'In 2005, Ukraine ratified the Ottawa Convention, which prohibits the use, stockpiling and production of anti-personnel mines. Thus, Kyiv violates its international obligations.'

Russia has now provided the additional information requested by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Security Council Chairman Zhang Jun which includes photographic evidence. This follows attacks by Ukrainian forces at the end of July bombarding Donetsk with the lethal mines. The missiles hit city center at the intersection of Vatutin Boulevard and Universitetskaya. Several civilians were reported to have been injured and killed by the mines and an employee of the Emergencies Ministry (responsible for mine clearance) was injured.

According to the DPR MFA there are 11 victims including a child up to the 2nd August. Several thousand mines are estimated to have been scattered in central Donetsk.
This assessment is based on the main method of mining with the help of the MLRS "Uragan" (Hurricane), the rocket which contains 12 mine distribution canisters with 320 Lepestok anti-personnel mines, the use of which has been repeatedly recorded by the DPR Representative Office in the JCCC.
It is not surprising that the UN which is nothing more than an extension of US/UK neocolonialism is not rushing to investigate the Ukrainian use of these insidious weapons against civilians and children. It will focus only on the crimes that can be attributed to Russia by NATO member states while ignoring much of the evidence that counters the conclusions they are tasked to corroborate.

While Bartlett puts her life at risk to record the war crimes being committed by Zelensky's forces (NATO proxies) including the various Nazi battalions - Mensch is protected by another instrument of power, Twitter. Those who retweeted Bartlett's graphic images of injuries from the mines were suspended or forced to delete the "offending" tweets. Had it existed would Twitter have also deleted the images of naked children skin-stripped by Napalm to conceal the US war crimes against women and children in Vietnam? Probably.

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The penalties for telling the truth

As legendary journalist John Pilger has said:

"If those who support aggressive war had seen a fraction of what I've seen, if they'd watched children fry to death from Napalm and bleed to death from a cluster bomb, they might not utter the claptrap they do."

Bartlett is recording what must be seen if the US/UK-generated perpetual war is ever to come to an end. She is risking her life to provide the horrific insights into these wars and the crimes committed by those who violate the Geneva Convention with impunity because they are protected by NATO member states and are carrying out their orders.

Mensch is not only enabling these crimes and effectively the mutilation of civilians, she is calling for the hunting down of Bartlett by the SSO headquartered in Kyiv. The SSO duties include direct action, special reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, sabotage, psychological warfare. (Wikipedia).

The SSO has a focus on Donbass as it was formed in 2016 due to the failure by Ukrainian ultra-nationalist forces to quell the resistance in Eastern Ukraine. The SSO were modelled on the NATO Reaction Forces and it is effectively a deadly Military Intelligence unit.
Following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, a Special Forces wing made of foreign fighters was initiated by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's intelligence directorate (GUR). This regiment is separate from the regular international legion but recruits from the force.
Mensch chose to trigger the greatest threat to Bartlett's life and Twitter chose to facilitate this terrorism linked to Nazism and Ultra-nationalism in Ukraine. I take this personally, not only because of my long time friendship with Eva but because the media sphere is rapidly becoming a very dangerous one for any independent journalist who is putting their lives on the line to report in high risk, high profile war zones.

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Screenshot from UK Column News report on the 'disinformation' intelligence complex.

Soon the greatest risk will not be from the falling missiles or sniper bullets but from the concerted efforts of the NATO 'disinformation' clusters and their associated intelligence and military agencies who will carry out disappearances and assassinations at the behest of their line managers in the respective state departments and foreign offices.

This is the Julian Assange effect coming to fruition. We all warned about it and we all campaigned against it but unless we ALL rise up to defend the courageous few we will sleepwalk into fascism.

Thank you Eva Bartlett for what you do.