Yesterday afternoon there was one of the largest and strongest hailstorms in the upper Modena Apennines, from Frignano (from Serramazzoni to Lama Mocogno, from Fiumalbo to Pievepelago) to the entire Dragone Valley (Frassinoro, Montefiorino and Palagano).

In the evening, the regional network detected 70 mm of precipitation on the Cimone (which remained 'whitened' above 1500 meters above sea level), 40 on the Polle, and from 25 to 30 mm in the downstream municipalities.

Impressive the size of some hail up to about ten centimeters immortalized at Dogana di Fiumalbo, Palagano, Serramazzoni and La Verna di Montefiorino.

In Pievepelago there were no grains of exceptional size as elsewhere, but here the accumulations in the town have reached 20 centimeters in height, bringing a mid-winter landscape.

The hail has blocked the water outlets, so as to obstruct road traffic and cause various flooding of basements, shops and ground floors. Problems on the fractional viability, from Rovaceto di Rocca to Tagliole, with teams of workers busy removing soil and branches from the roadways.

The mayor Corrado Ferroni will assess the extent of the damage for a possible request for extraordinary interventions. In Pelago and in other areas there were blackouts of electricity, the telephone network and the internet. Several cars and a large number of trees damaged, with interventions by the Fire Brigade for those unsafe. In the domestic economy, serious damage to crops and garden plants.

The 'collapse' of temperatures is impressive: in Pievepelago and Fiumalbo it quickly went from 25 degrees in the early afternoon to just 10 degrees in the evening. A few kilometers away, in S.Annapelago and San Pellegrino in Alpe, not a drop of water has fallen: confirming the weather variability of the ridge areas.

(Translated by Google)