The Autauga Farming Company in Alabama
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The Autauga Farming Company in Alabama says one of its cows was struck and killed by lightning during a passing storm on May 15.
A cow was killed "on the spot" by a lightning strike on a family-owned farm in central Alabama, the family said.

The family was wrapping up a get-together on Sunday, May 15, during which it had been raining with some thunder, the Autauga Farming Company Inc. said in a statement posted on its Facebook page.

That's when a thunderous "BOOM" rang out and a relative "looked up just in time to see one of our cows fall over in the pasture," they said.

No other farm animals were hurt. The bovine was struck within a hundred yards of the family's front porch, according to the farm's post.

"We have never had one hit this close to our home," the family wrote. "We had a stark and vivid demonstration today of why you don't want to be outside if lightning could be in the area."