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Recorded the day before the Russian government's formal recognition of the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, this NewsReal covers last week's 'false-flag' dramas in the Western media, and explains why the West, particularly the US and UK regimes, are obsessed with Russia, why this obsession has been growing for decades, and why the Putin government has little choice but to ignore Western threats and do what it feels it has to do in or near Ukraine.

This 'moment' when Russia says ENOUGH to Western bullying and 'containment' has been a long time coming. For Ukraine, it stems from the coup d'etat in Kiev - fomented by the West - exactly 8 years ago. For Russia, as Joe and Niall argue, it stems from one of two things (and those may not be mutually exclusive): Putin's ascent to power in 2000, and the Russian people's hard-earned lessons from their bloody 20th century experiences of civil war and tyranny.

Running Time: 01:33:16

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The complete NewsReal podcast from Sunday 20th February includes additional discussion of the Trudeau regime's crackdown on freedom protesters in Canada, along with some news items on 'the pandemic':

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