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On Sunday the Ottawa police chief declared the 'occupation over' in reference to the Freedom Convoy trucker protest that had been in place for 3 weeks. In a show of force unbecoming for a 'free country,' police cracked down on the remaining protesters, smashing truck windows to drag occupants out of their vehicles, trampling a disabled woman with a horse and using "non-lethal weapons" on the protesters.

But the overt show of force isn't over. With the declaration of the Emergencies Act, the ability for Canadian citizens to voice their discontent with the mandates has been quashed, as the penalty for supporting a protest goes well beyond the usual fine and a night in jail. Freezing bank accounts and insurance cancelation of anyone who contributed to the convoy protest, either in person or through funding, including crypto transactions has now been given the go-ahead. Anyone who supported the protest in any form is now essentially de-personed from Canadian society.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we discuss Canada's quick turn to overt fascism in the face of resistance to the vax-mandates. Australia has nothing on this.

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