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US President Joe Biden • Oklahoma AG John O'Connor
Oklahoma's attorney general is slamming the Biden administration over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and taking his grievances to court.

Attorney General John O'Connor has blasted Biden's mandate for military members and federal employees as being "unlawful," claiming in a press release that the mandate "does not reflect the Land of the Free."

O'Connor is asking that a court declare the mandate unconstitutional. Additionally, he is seeking a temporary restraining order to block its enforcement while litigation is ongoing.

Members of the state's National Guard may quit their jobs rather than get vaccinated, according to the Oklahoma attorney general. He claims that scenario would "irreparably harm" the safely and security of Oklahomans.

O'Connor has expressed his gratitude for the governor's and legislature's support in his efforts to overturn the mandate. He said in a press release:
"Their support and funding for this lawsuit protects hardworking Oklahomans in federal jobs, and our Oklahoma National Guard members from Biden's reckless and unlawful vaccine mandates."
Fox News reached out to the White House and the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General, who did not immediately respond.