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Big Tech and America's woke military care deeply for the feelings of America's child molesters.

At least this is what my recent suspension from Twitter would suggest. Last Thursday, Jack Dorsey and company suspended me for seven days for suggesting that if pedophiles received the death penalty, there would be fewer incidents of child abuse.

The Silicon Valley commissars didn't like that one bit. They also didn't act alone. Uniformed members of the U.S. military have been waging a coordinated campaign to silence my account by flagging it for "inciting violence" and "targeted harassment." These military officers on Twitter are upset at my criticisms of their political activities in and out of uniform.

The ringleader is Major Justin Rose of the U.S. Army Reserves. Two months ago, I wrote a piece condemning the vaccine mandate for the Department of Defense. Major Rose took issue with my work. I had never interacted with him on Twitter before, but he decided to attack my article, stating that I was a "fucking moron" who wasn't "hazed" enough as a "boot" (a term for a young Marine).
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Defending hazing and launching profanity laced tirades against civilian critics is unseemly, but when I responded, Rose amped up the viciousness of his attacks. He posted photos of my family that he found on personal Facebook accounts to Twitter, and made lewd insinuations about a female family member.

Vitriol on Twitter is nothing new. But it is truly a "mask-off" moment to see commissioned officers currently serving in the United States military attack critics of the Department of Defense so openly.

Rose didn't stop there. Over the ensuing weeks, he continued dogging my account and my writing. Most concerning of all, he published parts of my official personnel file from the Marine Corps database. He leaked my physical fitness scores, incorrectly suggesting they disqualified me from criticizing General Mark Milley for being out of shape.
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This leak of "Official Use Only" documents from internal Marine Corps systems raises the question of what my critics can access to harass other Americans. If my personnel file can be leaked at will, then what is to stop other bad actors within the federal government from doing the same to other Americans who dare challenge the military-industrial complex?

Rose's actions are unacceptable for a commissioned officer. He has a duty to the American public, the taxpayer, and to the Army itself to be professional in his conduct on social media. But Rose is not alone in his bad behavior. He is simply one example among many of uniformed officers in the American military attacking civilian critics and promoting strident ideological viewpoints using social media.

What makes Rose unique is that he is working openly to censor my ability to speak. Over the past several weeks, he has coordinated a mass reporting campaign against my account on Twitter. Rose and his more than 2,000 followers, many of them liberal veterans and woke service members, have reported every one of my tweets. This campaign has been successful. Twitter has suspended me multiple times in the past two weeks on ridiculous premises, including defending Kyle Rittenhouse and calling for harsh punishment for child molesters.

I was suspended from Twitter for the first time for stating that Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong after the jury had acquitted him on all charges. I wrote an article for The Federalist pointing out that Twitter had defamed Kyle Rittenhouse's character by refusing to acknowledge the outcome of his jury trial. Twitter, rightly, got nervous, and lifted the suspension of my account.

No matter. The mass reporting campaign from the woke liberals of MilTwitter struck another blow. My most recent suspension has been the most egregious. I suggested that pedophiles should receive the death penalty as punishment for their heinous crimes. Twitter said I had engaged in "abuse and harassment" of these poor child molesters. Rose celebrated.