Blood Cells

Blood cells
I cannot imagine a much more profoundly disturbing situation than the one we are currently in. Over the last few weeks, I have seen more reports every day of young, fit, healthy people collapsing and many of them dying than I normally come across in a whole year. But that's not the truly disturbing thing. No, the truly disturbing thing is that nobody in public life is willing to put 2+2 together to answer the question of why this is happening. The media won't do it. The sports clubs won't do it. The victims' families don't seem to be willing to do it.

Hang on a minute. Did I just use the word victims? Indeed I did. This is because the reason for this massive and extraordinarily creepy increase in deaths amongst young, fit, healthy people is because of the mass injection of people with a new technology product, never before used on healthy people, never before used in a "vaccine". No, I am not attributing every one of these deaths to this. Perhaps some of these people did simply die of a naturally occurring heart attack, which does happen once in the 10th blue moon. But as for the vast majority of these deaths, I challenge anyone to come up with an alternative, credible explanation. It won't do to say that this is something to do with Covid, since there was not a spate of this occurring last year. Nor will it do to attribute it to the fact that many people had their appointments, treatments and operations cancelled last year — which is a whole 'nother dastardly issue — because we are talking about perfectly fit, perfectly healthy people in their 20s, 30s and 40s, suddenly collapsing or suddenly dying after a short illness.

There are two main reasons the average person is apparently unable or unwilling to join the dots between the jabs and the deaths. Firstly, since they themselves have had the same shot, and perhaps they suffered nothing more than a jabbing sensation as the needle went in, they are convinced that they are perfectly safe. The objection is of course nonsense. People react in different ways to medications, and some people react much better than others to the introduction of toxins or noxious substances in their body than others. I know of someone who smoked around 40 cigarettes every day for almost 80 years, and never had the slightest hint of lung cancer, but I haven't let that dent my belief — borne out by science and data — that cigarettes are a massive cause of lung cancer. And there is no doubt whatsoever that these products are causing adverse reactions and deaths on a mass scale.

To date, the combined number of deaths in the official Government vaccines reporting systems in the US, EU and UK (VAERS, EUDRA and MHRA) is over 50,000 — which is undoubtedly just a small proportion of the actual numbers, given the notorious underreporting in those systems. The total number of adverse reactions reported to the W.H.O. VigiAccess database is over 6.2 million, with the chart below breaking the numbers down into types of reactions. Regardless if some people only personally felt a pinprick when the needle went in, these things are very obviously astonishingly dangerous:
VigiAceess chart
The second reason why most people are unable or unwilling to put 2+2 together is that they believe these so-called vaccines work in the same way as normal vaccines, and they therefore believe that any potential side effects would show up soon after the injection, or not at all. But I'm afraid those people have not only been lied to — as we all have — but they haven't done the research to find out what it actually is that these products do, and why it is that they might indeed produce adverse events weeks, months or even years down the line. Normal vaccines work by injecting small amounts of dead or attenuated (weakened) virus into the arm, where it stays and produces an immune response. Whereas the products people have been injected with this year are absolutely nothing like that. They work by injecting mRNA code, enclosed in billions of lipid nanoparticles, into the upper arm, which then go into the blood stream, are carried around the body, where they enter the cells in just about every organ, and there programme or "trick" the cells into producing the cytotoxic (that is, causing cell damage or cell death) part of the original virus: the Spike Protein. This cannot be emphasised strongly enough: normal vaccines induce the body to fight a weakened toxic enemy (a dead or weakened virus); the products injected into millions of people all over the world this year trick the body into producing the biologically active toxic enemy — the pathogenic Spike Protein — by the billion.

What does this do? Well it is of course supposed to produce an immune response, but it actually does a number of other extremely alarming things. Researchers in Sweden recently discovered that the cytotoxin actually enters the nucleus of the cells, where it inhibits the body's natural DNA repair mechanism. Another recent study appearing in the American Heart Association's prestigious publication, Circulation, came to the following alarming conclusion:
"We conclude that the mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination."
The bottom line is this: millions of people — no make that billions — have been tricked into believing that they got a normal vaccine, which works the same as a normal vaccine, and which has the same effects as a normal vaccine. But they most assuredly have not. They have, in fact, been experimented on, something the CEO of the pharmaceutical giant, Bayer, which has been involved in mRNA technology for years, admitted in a very telling remark at the 2021 World Health Summit:
"We are really taking that leap [to drive innovation] ... in cell and gene therapies ... ultimately the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cell and gene therapy. I always like to say: if we had surveyed two years ago in the public - 'would you be willing to take a gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body?' - we probably would have had a 95% refusal rate. Our successes over these 18 months should embolden us to fully focus much more closely on access, innovation and collaboration to unleash health for all, especially as we enter, on top of everything else that is happening, a new era of science — a lot of people talk about the Bio Revolution in this context."
Which being interpreted means the following:
"Had people been told that they were getting an experimental 'cell and gene therapy' injected into them, and had it been explained to them how it works and what it does, none but the most foolish would have touched it with a bargepole. As it is, we were entirely dishonest with them, hence the reason that most people have willingly taken it and believe it to be perfectly normal and perfectly safe."
I would also add that had the public been shown the list of possible adverse event outcomes presented at a meeting of the US Food and Drug Administration last October — over a month before the rollout of the programme — it is even more doubtful that uptake would have gotten much further than the odd village idiot:
FDA slide
Just as the mRNA and Adenoviral Vector DNA "cell and gene therapies" trick the body into producing a harmful pathogen, millions of people have been tricked into accepting the injection of something that carries the risk of significant harm, which is a complete violation of the principle of Informed Consent set out in the Nuremberg Code, established after the Second World War to prevent medical experiments from being perpetrated against people ever again.

Given all this, we are witnessing a crime of monumental proportions being perpetrated in allowing these things to continue. Any sane and sober society would have halted the programmee months ago, when the number of deaths linked to them reached into the tens — as is normally the kind of threshold for new vaccines and medicines. Instead we are in the tens or more likely hundreds of thousands of deaths. But apparently sanity and sobriety has left our lands, and so the march continues, with little children being enrolled, and only a small number of people willing to connect the dots between these Frankenstein injections and the sudden deaths of young, fit and healthy people.

If you want to know why all this is happening, go and read chapter 2 and 3 of Isaiah. There you will find that because of the abominable pride and haughtiness of man, God takes away the very things that we are all puffed up over. After first allowing our pride and arrogance to go unchecked, he throws us a curve ball so to speak, and our world crumbles around us and we find that all the things that made our society run properly are gone. The just ruler, the wise, the courageous, the honourable — all vanish from public life and institutions. And in their place, rule is given to the fool, the corrupt, the abominable. Sound familiar? There is nothing new under the sun, and all that, and so here we are.

But read through the rest of Isaiah, especially the final chapters, and you'll see that it is not the intention of God to bring judgement for judgement sake. No, the aim is always to bring people to their senses, to bring them to repentance, that deliverance may be brought. We are on the threshold of a global catastrophe, and those pushing it appear to have no intention of quitting. And so the question is very simple: Are we ready to be brought to our senses, repenting of our sins and follies, or must the judgement get even worse first?

Comment: We know the answer to that question should we truly hear it.