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American Federation of Teachers' pro-vaccine campaign
The largest teachers union in the country has instructed New Jersey educators to log student and parent vaccination information in a progressive campaign app, according to a report.

Teachers are enticed with gift cards in return for logging details from conversations with students and parents in Reach, a campaign data app first developed for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, according to Fox News.

Teachers log conversations about vaccines with parents and students in the app, allowing organizers to follow up later to book vaccination appointments or present pro-vaccine arguments to the hesitant.

The training materials, obtained by Fox News, said:
"Look up the people you've talked to and mark down how your conversations went! Then add them to your Reach network and add their contact info so that you or Made To Save can follow up with them later and help them get vaccinated."
The American Federation of Teachers and a pro-vaccine non-profit campaign, Made to Save, created the training along with the NEA [National Education Association], according to Fox News.

Jennifer Mess, a drama teacher in Middletown, told Fox News:
"This was a blatant effort to coerce, manipulate, and even track information on students and their parents. Anyone involved in this type of deception has lost their morals and purpose of education along the way."
The for-profit tech company provides ground-game data services to dozens of left-wing campaigns and organizations nationwide.
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New Jersey State Sen. Holly Schepisi told Fox News that, while she supports vaccination, having teachers use a political canvassing tool to influence "personal medical decisions" was unethical.
"To put our teachers in the untenable position of using their 'trust and influence' over children and their parents to persuade them to make personal medical decisions, and then encourage teachers through gift cards to input the names, addresses and vaccination status of these children and parents into a searchable political progressive database [...] is an unconscionable breach of privacy and ethics, it is political canvassing using children's data and it borders on criminal."
A rep for Made to Save, the non-profit pro-vaccination campaign, told Fox News that data
"collected during our use of the REACH app will only be used for outreach efforts to follow up on conversations with individuals about the COVID-19 vaccines."