mini chopper
China's mini helicopter
China's National Space Science Center (CAS) has unveiled a newly developed helicopter which could be used in the country's exploration of the Red Planet. The new tool comes months after China landed a robotic rover on Mars. Chinese media released images online of the astronomical equipment.

China's state-affiliated media channel, the Global Times, said that researchers from CAS recently approved the Beijing Science & Technology Commission's examination of their Mars drone prototype.

In May, China historically landed a rover on Mars in its inaugural mission to the planet, as part of the country's ambitious future space exploration plans.

Last week, the rover, named Zhurong, marked its 100th day working on Mars' surface and clocked the 1,000-meter milestone of land covered driving south from its landing point.

Earlier this year, Wang Xiaojun, head of the state-owned China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, said that Beijing envisages building a permanent presence on Mars and large-scale development of its resources, with a fleet of vessels running between the Red Planet and Earth.