Arctic Sea Ice Extent has been holding exceptionally well during the 2021 summer melt season.

Throughout August, higher volumes than usual have survived due to cold conditions and favorable wind patterns.

As a result, Arctic Sea Ice Extent is now the highest in 8 years,
and, if this year's trajectory continues for another week or two (which is expected), 2021 will achieve the 'healthiest' extent of the past 15 years (since 2006).

Only 2014, 2013, and 2009 remain in its way - though the gap is narrowing, fast:

2021 Ice Extent is higher than ALL years since 2006 (excluding 2014, 2013, & 2009, which are set to surpassed within the next few weeks) [NSIDC]

2021 Ice Extent is higher than ALL years since 2006 (excluding 2014, 2013, & 2009, which are set to surpassed within the next few weeks) [NSIDC]
Ordinarily, the highest Arctic Sea Ice Extent since 2006 wouldn't be anything to write home about.

But we don't live in an ordinary world.

We exist in a orchestrated narrative of 'catastrophic global warming' in which linearly rising temperatures are threatening to melt ALL the ice at the poles, flood cities, and wipe entire nations off the map turn. This is an existential threat to humanity, we're told, daily; one which requires political intervention, higher taxes, and the further curtailing of our freedoms, i.e. 'climate lockdowns'.

So yes, in today's paradigm of phony temperature graphs and incessantly apocalyptic mainstream media publications, Arctic Sea Ice Extent reaching its highest levels since 2006 is something to write home about.

Such an uptick - if we're to believe 'the science' - simply shouldn't be possible: the ice sheet was supposed to have been ice free by the summer of 2008, and then, when that date uneventfully passed, by 2012, and then by 2013, then 2015, then 2016, and now... well, in 12 years time...? (I'm not exactly sure where the current 'stab in the dark' has us...)

The Arctic is the poster child for global warming — if it fails to melt, the IPCC hasn't a leg to stand on, particularly given the fact that the global average temperature has also refused to play ball in recent years (down some 0.7C since 2016):
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And all this is without even mentioning perhaps the largest spanner in the works: the goings-on at the South Pole - home to 90% of Earth's freshwater.

Across the Southern Hemisphere, the ice trend has been one of growth for the past 40+ years (the satellite era):

After a drop-off in 2015-2019, ice at the South Pole has rebounded strongly in 2020 and 2021, to the levels of some 3-decades ago — this reality maintains the trend of significant growth registered since 1979 of approx 1% per decade.

The year really is a doozy, and is proving impossible for the AGW party to explain-away.

In the 42 years of satellite data, Antarctic Sea Ice Extent in 2021 is the fifth highest on record — bested only by the exceptionally strong years of 2015, 2014, 2010, and 2006:

The above graph is admittedly a little busy, so here's an easier way to convey the state of growth...

This year's Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is tracking well-above EVERY multidecadal average the NSIDC has to offer:

If the alarmists insist on bleating "climate change" re Antarctic, that's all well and good, but they must admit that the change is one of "falling temperatures" and "a stark accumulation of snow and ice", as that's what the data reveals is occurring.

But good luck crowbarring that into the AGW theory...

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And while we're on the topic of polar ice sheets, here's the state of Greenland in the summer of 2021:
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