Meteor was registered in SC this Thursday (19)
© Jocimar Justino/Reprodução
Meteor was registered in SC this Thursday (19)
Brilliant and with an estimated speed of over 70 km/s. So was the meteor that had a fall recorded this Thursday (19) in Monte Castelo, in the North of Santa Catarina. The record was shared with the public this Friday (20).

According to the meteor monitoring station JJS/SC, associated with Bramon ( Brazilian Meteor Observation Network), the JJS2 camera captured the exact moment of the phenomenon. The video was posted on social networks and shows, in various ways, the luminous phase of the star.

With a magnitude of -1, the meteor lit up the sky for 4.4 seconds, peaked at a magnitude of -1. The path began to glow at azimuth 222 with an elevation of 43° and an estimated altitude of 91 kilometers. In the video, it is possible to see the moment in contrast and at different speeds, as it passed close to the Cruzeiro do Sul constellation. On the way, the meteor reached enough capacity to cover the distance between the cities of Fraiburgo and Campo Belo do Sul in Santa Catarina in less than five seconds.

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