Dozens of women were killed and injured when lightning struck a women's wedding in Dhamar governorate, south of the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, transforming the wedding party in a funeral.

Local sources reported that lightning struck a house in the village of Al-Aqmar, Isolat Asbeel, in the district of Mayfa'a Ans, east of the city of Dhamar, during a women's wedding, killing and injuring dozens of women.

The sources added, according to the Yemeni agency "Khabar", that three women died, while another 30 women were injured, their injuries ranged from fractures and burns, as they were gathering. in home to attend the wedding party.

According to sources, another lightning struck the village of Maram in the same district, killing 3 women.

Most Yemeni governorates are experiencing heavy rains, accompanied by storms and thunderstorms. Some governorates have reported fatalities and injuries, due to thunderstorms or torrential torrents.