Maghull England
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People in Maghull were perplexed as loud explosions were heard.

Residents in Maghull were left perplexed when huge explosions reverberated throughout the region.

The bangs are thought to have originated near Ashworth Hospital in Maghull's east end.

According to residents, they were initially heard around 9 p.m. last night.

One resident, who lives about an hour's walk from the hospital, explained: "I was watching football with my husband in my living room with the French doors open when I got a text from my brother-in-law saying, "Did you hear the pistol shots?"

"It was around 9 p.m.," says the narrator. It was a little startling, but strangely, no sirens were heard after that."

Some locals speculated on Facebook, with one stating the sounds were caused by a motorcycle backfiring and another believing the sounds were related to farming.

Keith Budd, a resident of the Ashworth Hospital area, said: "I don't believe that was a [motorbike]backfire because I own a motorcycle and have never heard one backfire like that.

"I've heard a number of gun shots over the years, and this didn't sound like a gun shot to me. A gunshot is more of a crack, whereas a boom was more of a boom. I know one of the farmers has a gas machine he uses as a 'bird scarer,' so I'm guessing that was it."

The source of the noises has yet to be determined, but Merseyside Police have confirmed that no weapons were fired in the area last night.