A farmer was killed in tiger attack in the forest under Chichpalli range on Tuesday. This is the third incident of human kill in the area in one-and-a-half months.

There was brief tension at the spot as villagers, irked by repeated tiger attacks in the area, refused to lift the body for some time. Sources said Kirtiram Kulmethe (35) from village Janala had gone into the compartment no. 718 in Chiroli beat of the range.

A tiger moving through the area attacked and killed him on the spot. Foresters rushed to the spot upon getting information, but a large crowd of villagers had gathered by the time. Forest officials pacified them and removed the body.

Earlier, one Kalpana Wadhai from Agadi village was killed in a tiger attack on March 31 in the same area.

Later, Vanita Gedam from Janala village was injured by a tiger on May 4 while she was out to collect Mahua flowers. She died while undergoing treatment at Nagpur on Tuesday.

This is the 15th incident of human kill in predator attacks this year. Of them, 12 have been killed by tigers, two by leopards and one by elephant.