You can't even see the roof of the house.

Three meters (about 10 feet) of snow in the mountain resort Vârful lui Roman, in Vâlcea County, Romania. The images were captured by the owner of a holiday home in the area, who was amazed by the thick layer of snow.

(View video here)

In fact, on Vârful Roman, at 1700 meters altitude, it snowed daily for a week, so that the snow came to measure three meters. The person who filmed the images estimates that the snow could only melt in 5-6 months.

"You can't see the roof, the fence ... we jump over it. How can we open another gate ?! We jump over it ... The door is no longer visible, to enter ... I'll have work to do!", is heard on the recording.

Thanks to Alex Tanase in Romania for this link.