meteoor vuurbal
© René van Oostveen
A green meteor fireball was spotted by many in the early morning, around 7.50 AM, on Friday January, 22nd, across large parts of the Netherlands and some parts of Belgium. Twitter users described the fireball as a "green ball" or a "green flash of light". One Twitter user wrote: "Very bright meteor was visible around 7.52 AM which was moving south." According to meteorologist Michiel Severin, reports about the fireball mostly came from northern, mid, and western parts of the Netherlands.

The meteor fireball was captured on camera:

Another Twitter user caught it on his dash cam:

One Twitter user caught it on his front door camera:

Lastly, a Dutch Twitter user showed his video in a reply to a Belgian 'weather and radar' account which asked for images of the meteor fireball:

Two months ago, on November 21st, 2020, another meteor fireball was reported, and was captured in the evening near Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport: