Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell
President Trump is expected to announce as many as 150 pardons on Tuesday night before midnight.

Among the names being mentioned are Steve Bannon, Joe Exotic and Julian Assange.

Earlier today reports came out that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell threaten President Trump with impeachment if he pardons Julian Assange.

This looks an awful lot like blackmail.

McConnell is interested in protecting the Swamp. That was always his intention.

Tucker Carlson reported on this scandal on Tuesday night.

Tucker Carlson: Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the leader of Republicans in the Senate, has sent word over the White House - If you pardon Julian Assange we are much more likely to convict you in an impeachment trial. Well, is it legal to hold that over a president's head? We're not lawyers, we don't know. It's certainly wrong. But more than that, it tells you everything about their priorities.