In the Kurdish province of Hakkari, life has come to a standstill due to heavy snowfall.

Hundreds of settlements are cut off from the outside world due to the masses of snow.

Some 289 settlement areas are currently cut off from the outside world due to heavy snowfall. In addition to the Hakkari city center, the districts of Şemdinli and Gever (Yüksekova) are also affected.

The snowfall started during the Friday night. Nearly all roads and streets are covered in snow and in some places are icy; neither residential areas can be reached nor can villages be left. Public life has effectively come to a standstill.

In Gever alone, 57 villages and 77 hamlets are buried under snow. In Şemdinli, the number of snow-covered villages is 18, and the number of smaller settlements is 69.

Teams from the provincial administration's winter service are in action in many places with snow-clearing vehicles to clear the roads of snow and ice. However, relief is not yet in sight, on the contrary.

Snow is expected to continue to fall over the next few days.