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Children raised in a nuclear family are safer, healthier, happier, and more successful. So, of course, the radicals want to abolish it and raise kids in communes, because "parents are tyrants."

2020 has been a year of pandemics.

The most prominent of these is coronavirus, which has killed over a million people worldwide and wreaked havoc on the global economy.

Comment: It is not that the coronavirus killed so many people and wrought havoc on the global economy. It is the tyrannical lockdowns and restrictive measures that have done that and unfortunately will still do that in near future.

But it isn't the only problematic outbreak to ravage the globe in 2020 - the pandemic of woke idiocy continues to rage unabated.

One particularly imbecilic strain of this vicious virus is the agenda that espouses eliminating the nuclear family.

As a parent and a leftist, I find this assault on parents and nuclear families to be the height of self-serving and self-defeating intellectual masturbation.

A perfect example of this mindless mania is a recent tweet from Noah Berlatsky, a pissant provocateur and philosophical poseur who writes for the Guardian and the Atlantic magazine. Berlatsky whined:
"parents are tyrants. 'parent' is an oppressive class, like rich people or white people."

He followed that belch into the woke echo chamber with this equally odious one:
"There are things you can try to do to minimize the abuse that's endemic to the parent/child relationship, but it's always there."
Apparently, someone didn't change baby Berlatsky's dirty diaper fast enough and now we all have to deal with the stink.

Sadly, Berlatsky's buffoonery is not an outlier, as this anti-family mindset is rampant among the woke left. Examples of this absurd agenda being aggressively pushed abound.

Black Lives Matter, the standard bearer for woke, fact-free, emotion-fueled idiocy in 2020, and which has garnered establishment support and millions in corporate donations, not only declare that they want to "abolish police," but also "abolish the family."

Flagship left-wing publications like the Nation, Vice, and Jacobin have all in recent months and years dedicated time and energy to the malignant anti-family cause.

In addition, Sophie Lewis, a self-described "feminist thinker," which she proves is an oxymoron, has made a name for herself attacking the nuclear family in her book 'Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against the Family'.

Lewis, an Oxford-educated bulls**t artist, uses pretentious language and provocative statements to camouflage her laughably pubescent arguments.