voting fraud
The 2020 election was the most corrupt and compromised election in US history. Old Democrat methods of voting for dead people merged with modern machine machinations. The result was the greatest election win in history being stolen by both US and foreign actors.

Up until 2020, no Presidential candidate had broken 70 million votes in an election. Barack Obama had reached a reported 69 million in 2008 but that was the record, until this year. Then President Trump smashed the record and won an unheard of 74 million votes. This was a record for any candidate and certainly for a sitting President.

Despite liberal garbage polls telling us otherwise, President Trump's vote accumulation was not surprising. He had tens of millions following him on social media and over a million at his rallies the last two months of the election. Car parades, boat parades, signage, and more were like never seen before.

Then Joe Biden stole the election. The man who couldn't get five people at a rally did the impossible and won over 80 million votes!

This did not happen. This was impossible. The Democrats, China, and world elites all hated President Trump and they did all they could to stop him.

We've provided ample evidence of fraud around the country, especially in the swing states. But we even have evidence of fraud in solidly red states.

Below is a study of one county in Indiana - Hamilton County - performed by an expert and reader at the Gateway Pundit. The first observation of the study was that more people were on the voter roll in Hamilton County than there are eligible voters in the county.
Another significant point is that the increase in voters from 2016 was in absentee ballots. This one block of absentee ballots showed abnormal results.
Hamilton County election summary report
This block voted for Biden, the Republican Governor, and the Democrat House candidate. What was going on?

See the report below:

Hamilton County Indiana Ele... by Jim Hoft