Casper, Wyoming and Denver annihilate previous records.

"Denver's Monday high expected around 17F (-8.3C)," says reader Pieter. "That would be 14 degrees beneath the prior record for lowest high for the date, per Denver Post. That's a pretty good indication of how freaky this storm is given the wide boundaries for Colorado's 'normal' weather variability."

Meanwhile, according to reader Adoni, "Billings, Montana, fell to 16F on Saturday morning, comfortably busting the previous record of 19F set back in 1976 (solar minimum of cycle 20)."

On Friday," Adoni continues, "Idaho Fall, Idaho, fell to 13F (-10.6C), breaking the old record of 16F set in 1980.

"Casper, Wyoming, annihilated its previous low of 11F from 1984 (solar minimum of cycle 21) with a new reading of - 5F (-20.6).

"Downtown Rapid City's 14F last night pipped the old record of 15F set back in 1919."

Wouldn't this be a great time to have no natural gas or heating oil, as Joe Biden so cleverly wants to impose on us?

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