A sinkholin south Edmonton will take at least “several months” to repair, according to EPCOR.
A sinkholin south Edmonton will take at least “several months” to repair, according to EPCOR.
A massive sinkhole has opened up in south Edmonton at the intersection of 61 Avenue and 109 Street, leading to road closures that are expected to last for months.

EPCOR said the hole in the Parkallen neighbourhood opened up on Oct. 12, as a result of an "underground void" that had been discovered on Oct. 8 during an inspection of a sewer trunk line.

The hole, which is visible from the Global 1 helicopter, is approximately three metres long, one metre wide and 23 metres — or 75 feet — deep.

According to information from EPCOR, there is "no structural risk to homes and businesses in the area."

This is the second sinkhole in the area that has been found by crews.

In 2018, a large void was found at Allendale Road and Calgary Trail, about 10 blocks east of the new hole.
It took around eight months for that repair to be completed.

The company said the first step of this repair will be installing a bypass system to bring the water flow from the below-ground drainage system away from the area. That work will include three shafts on 61 Avenue that will support the bypasses and allow workers to assess the issue.

The sewer trunk line that is involved in the problem carries both storm and sanitary water, according to EPCOR.

Those who live in the area may experience increased sewer odours and noise related to the work. EPCOR said that the bypass pumps "will generate continual, low decibel noise," and that lighting will be used through the nights for 24/7 monitoring of the bypass system.

The company said that there are no current timelines for when the repairs could be completed. However, it said "due to the complexity of the work," the estimate is currently several months.