Superbolide over Brazil
A superbolide was recorded in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states by the cameras of BRAMON, Clima ao Vivo and Heller & Jung Observatory in the early morning hours of October 1st, 2020. Check out the video:

A superbolide is a super luminous meteor that shines brighter than the full moon. In the case of this one registered in Rio Grande do Sul state, it shone so much that in some locations, the night turned into day for a few moments. The reports sent by residents of the region describe that some streetlights have turned off.


Preliminary analyses, made from the triangulation of the videos, allowed to trace the trajectory of the superbolide. It began to shine at about 89.5 km over the rural area to the east of Caxias do Sul and went north, at 16.9 km/s (60,900 km/h) at an entrance angle of 44∞ in relation to the ground. During 6 seconds, the meteor shone brightly, easily overcoming the full moon's brightness until its final explosion and extinction at 22 km high, over the city of Vacaria, also in Rio Grande do Sul state.

BRAMON is collecting reports and images through the form in to assist in the analysis of the case.