Rand Paul/Fauci
© GOPUSA/Joshua Roberts/Getty Images/KJN
Senator Rand Paul • Dr. Anthony Fauci
Rand Paul is often the most reasonable voice in American representative politics. A libertarian, and one with views that could be classified as "anti-conservative" (though not liberal), Rand, like his father Ron, arrive at their viewpoints though remarkable efforts at critical thinking. This makes it very difficult to pin Senator Paul down as any kind of ideologue. This is a good thing.

Then the video deals with Dr Fauci. This segment starts at [02:49] and is important.

The Senator believes that herd immunity has taken hold in New York to explain why there are no new virus cases or deaths now in New York, after the state suffered the worst damage from COVID-19 of any single jurisdiction in the world (over 33,000 deaths).

This second video is much more in-depth and with much more searching and serious questions. This is good to watch for perspective and information.