Comment: In lockstep with Twitter. 'QAnon' is of course a psy-op to entrap and divert support for Trump and/or resistance to the Deep State, but it's nevertheless a threat to the Powers That Be because its adherents share fundamental skepticism of official media.

facebook censorship
Facebook this week took down one of the largest QAnon conspiracy theory groups on the platform over harassment and misinformation violations, a Facebook spokesperson told Reuters.

The 200,000-member group titled "Official Q/Qanon" was taken down on Tuesday after several posts were removed for violating Facebook's guidelines on bullying and harassment, hate speech and false information that could lead to harm.

Facebook did not immediately respond to an inquiry from The Hill.

Last month, Twitter banned thousands of QAnon accounts on its platform as part of a crackdown on the conspiracy theory groups. A Facebook spokesperson told Reuters they are following suit and strengthening their own enforcement against the groups.

In May, Facebook removed a smaller network of QAnon accounts that was pushing a conspiracy theory that the coronavirus was developed by Bill and Melinda Gates as a cover for a depopulation campaign led by mass vaccinations.

The QAnon conspiracy theory is based on the belief that President Trump is actively fighting against enemies in the "deep state" and Democratic establishment that is running a global child sex trafficking ring.

The FBI labeled the loose community a potential domestic terror threat last year.