What I'm going to say is based on my experience thus far and the research I do. I've noticed that there's a grave disparity between what we see on the mainstream news - as well as some independent, online sources - and what many other doctors and scientists who are not promoted by the MSM are saying.

The government and their affiliated "experts" have gone back and forth on whether masks actually prevent the spread of Covid. They have gone back and forth on whether asymptomatic people can transmit Covid. They have gone back and forth about whether it is actually airborne or not. How are we to actually believe what we're told?

I've seen video after video after video of doctors and field experts saying that when they test people in hospitals six times and all six are positive, that all six are counted as new cases. I've seen doctors and nurses saying that they are made to put suspected patients in the same rooms as patients who have tested positive. I've seen videos of people saying they've submitted unused test swabs in and they all tested positive. I've seen many reports about Florida alone saying that all the clinics "messed up" by only including positive tests in their press releases. I've seen reports about animals and fruit testing positive when submitting human test samples in other countries.

I know someone who exhibited every symptom there is and was very concerned for her health, yet she tested negative. I've seen videos of many government "experts" saying that anyone even presumed to have died while positive, let alone if they are actually positive, is deemed to have died from Covid, regardless of whether they died from anything, including car accidents. How is any of that reasonable or reliable information? How are we to trust the "experts" when they are so inaccurate and inconsistent?

All of this leads me to believe that:
  1. The tests are entirely unreliable.
  2. The death toll is entirely unreliable.
  3. The death toll is increasingly being lowered.
  4. Those without compromised immune systems have a VERY high rate of recovery.
If what we're told by the so-called experts is true, that it's not considered to be airborne and that non-symptomatic people have a very low chance of transmission, why is everyone forced to wear a mask, especially when it says on the packaging that it is not effective?

Why is it mandatory in restaurants, yet half the servers and kitchen staff are wearing them around their chin and no one seems to care? Why are we seeing mandatory mask policies everywhere now and not months ago when things were "really bad"?

Brooks, where I live, had the highest per capita infection rate in the country at one point, if not all of North America. We've had, I believe, 9 or 10 people pass away, almost all of whom were elderly and had co-morbidities. Since Phase 1 reopening, we've not seen any resurgence. Very few people wear masks. No one cares about the arrows, the dots, or the tape on the floor. Last week, we had 3 active cases. 3.

Why do we listen to certain doctors and scientists and entirely ignore or dismiss others? Does having a government endorsement mean that someone is qualified above all others on certain matters? Does being ignored by the media preclude a doctor or scientist from having a valid opinion? Should we not consider the massive amount of "anecdotal evidence" to count for anything? Do the OSHA/OSSA standards for safe work/being environments not apply now?

My opinion is that if someone feels safer wearing a mask when out in public settings, wear one. If someone is worried about asymptomatic transmission and wants to wear one and obey all social distancing measures, by all means do it. If someone is so worried that they might be in the extremely small demographic of people who are very susceptible to Covid and they're afraid to go out, please stay in and have someone help with your daily needs. But the government mandating that I, or anyone else, wear a mask when they don't feel it's necessary is utterly reprehensible.

I'm a grown man. I can take in the information and discern for myself and weigh the risk/reward balance. But most importantly, for the government to come in now, after all the things they've blundered and reneged upon, after the curve has been flattened, after all the mountains of contradicting "anecdotal evidence", I think it's nothing short of tyrannical that they are bringing this in.

I'm going to listen to the doctors and scientists who aren't featured in the MSM who are pleading for us not to take an experimental mRNA vaccine, which has never before been used or tested. These vaccines are being rushed through the FDA approval process in the US and their own documents prove it. There's no doubt that other procedural measures are being circumvented. It couldn't be because there are trillions of dollars to be made, is it? I can all but guarantee that this is also happening in Canada and other countries.

I strongly encourage everyone who reads this to look into the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and find how global vaccines, digital/biometric ID, digital currency, social credit systems, etc, fit in with it. I encourage everyone to look into who is funding and promoting these new technologies and the UNSDA.

I encourage everyone to look into how these people (Rockefellers, Soros, Gates, Hewlett, Ford, etc - the 1% oligarchy which we ALL oppose and despise) fund both sides of everything and create these senseless divisions.

Government mandated masks and vaccines are unreasonable, unethical, unconstitutional, and unhealthy and I absolutely refuse to participate in either.