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Reflection of the past
Remember when you were told that slippery-slope arguments are fallacious?

Such a style of argument became particularly relevant during the last decade, often invoked by the right and ridiculed by the left. A slippery-slope argument was at the core of the 2017 debate over the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia, which led to the now infamous 'Unite-the-Right' rally at Charlottesville.

The argument made by many on the right was simple: 'The taking down of Robert E. Lee would lead to the taking down of other statues deemed to be racist.' What started as the removal of a few Confederate generals will end with the removal of figures such as Washington and Lincoln.

The liberal left largely derided this style of argument, saying at the time that it invoked what they called the slippery-slope fallacy. Just because some statues are coming down over racism, they said, it does not mean statues of other, seemingly more decent men, will come down too.

Fast forward three years, and we can see that the right has been justified in its fears. Using the death of George Floyd in the US as an excuse, statues, monuments and buildings have been attacked by militant leftists, all in the name of fighting 'white supremacy'.

What's more, these statues aren't all simply of Confederate generals. What started as a movement to remove Confederate remembrance from the realm of social acceptability has turned into a free-for-all against monuments commemorating historical American and European figures.

In the US, men such as George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and Thomas Jefferson were toppled. In the UK, Winston Churchill was defaced, while philanthropist Edward Colston was thrown into Bristol Harbour for his links to the slave trade.

Ireland was not spared either in this recent spate of destructive fervor. So-called 'Nazi collaborator' Seán Russell and Bishop George Berkeley have both been summarily disgraced in the court of public opinion, and patriots such as William Smith O'Brien, Daniel O'Connell and John Grey all had their statues defaced in the name of progress. Meanwhile, a number of videos showing what appear to be racially motivated attacks on Irish people were shared on social media.

What's more, the destruction has not been limited to statues. As stated in a previous article, a massive campaign of historical denialism has also been waged against the fact that the Irish, or any other white ethnic group, were ever slaves. Furthermore, publications made great efforts to implicate historically subjugated European ethnicities in colonial crimes that they had no part in. While the wholesale destruction of statues dedicated to great men is horrific, this latter gaslighting is far more insidious.

But why has all this happened? Why has the killing of a black man in the United States resulted in a wholesale attack on caucasian peoples and historical figures? Same reason why the power structure turns against anyone or anything else; they're in the way of progress. As is the entirety of Western history.

'The Great Replacement' is another so-called 'Conspiracy Theory' derided by the left as being something concocted by 'Russian bots' and 'white supremacists'. As described by these people, it is the clearly stupid notion that white people are being genocided by elites to be replaced by immigrants.

I don't like the term 'The Great Replacement'. It's overly dramatic, and suggests some sort of coordinated effort is being made by governments across the world. I don't believe in the 'Illuminati', or the 'New World Order', or the 'Kalergi Plan'.

I do however believe in the power dynamics of class power, and as such, by extension, I believe that the elites have a vested interest in controlling the classes below them. Those at the top of the modern world want these classes to be as controllable as possible.

So how does the destruction of Western history help these people?

Firstly, it's removal completely undermines the power of nationalism. While the left will often deny it, nationalism has always been a serious obstacle for global capitalism, especially in its current form. The aims of the two are diametrically opposed. The accumulation of capital above all else is incompatible with a belief in the immaterial value of the divine and of the nation.

For those who are even remotely doubtful of this fact, look no further than the countries who have resisted global capitalism the most. The majority of these countries are highly nationalistic, with even the ideologically socialist nations now framing their resistance to capitalism through a nationalist lens. China, Russia, and North Korea, have all bent the knee to the primal urge to value the nation above all else. This is because they realise, whether they admit it or not, that no materialist ideology can stand up to global capitalism.

Secondly, it allows for mass immigration, which leads to the atomisation of the working classes. The destructive nature of this can be easily seen when looking at the recent Keelings controversy. The fruit company imported immigrant workers during a pandemic apparently because of their expertise. In truth however, the workers were unskilled in the area, and seemingly only brought in because of their willingness to value their labour lower than an Irish worker. This attitude is common within big business in Ireland, as evidenced by a Central Bank report last year complaining that there weren't enough immigrants entering the country to 'keep pay down'.

Lastly, the destruction of the historic soul of a nation enables the commercialisation of identity, as an essential element in contemporary global capitalism. In traditional society, people are born with an identity largely governed by ethnic, social, and geographic factory, greatly reducing their potential for exploitative consumption. If everyone were to be born without identity however, then the potential for consumption would be limitless.

The modern world loves artificial identity.

Throughout our lives, we are constantly encouraged to try on various consumable identities. Modern Western man is likely to identify as a Liverpool supporter, or a 'Rick and Morty' fan, and then engage in consumer practices related to these identities.

Their national and religious identity only serves as bulwark to this consumerism. As such, the removal of such natural identities is a significant long term goal of global capitalism. This goal is best achieved through severing the connection modern man has with reality. As such, the destruction of his past is necessary for him to become a nationless, godless, genderless creature designed for consumption. What's more, such a consumption unit provides next to no resistance, only acting when his programming tells him to.

Ultimately, the destruction of our history coincides with the final stages of the suppression of the various men of Europe, of which the Irish are a small, constituent part. As our statues tumble one by one, dissenting voices are stripped from media platforms, all the while 'populists' like Donald Trump blather on about doing something, while taking no action whatsoever. With the devil's triangle of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Greens now in government, we in Ireland can only expect the draconian enforcement of extreme hatespeech laws as the elite's project of clownworld marches forward at a record pace.

After a decade of massive destabilisation, humanity has finally arrived at a crossroads of existential importance. What our generation does today will decide not what the future of humanity looks like, but whether humanity has a future at all.

While European man does not constitute the entirety of humanity, his seat is that from which the world is commanded. If the West is subdued by the global capitalist, it will only be a matter of time before South America, Africa and Asia fall as well, with similar destructive results. While I hate to admit it, whoever controls America controls the world, and in order to control America, one needs to control its past. There's a reason why they're destroying American history.

Slippery-slope arguments are not fallacious. Time and time again in the past, we have seen that the surrender of an inch to those in power results in their taking of a mile. As these people attempt to destroy our history, they gaslight our predictions of their actions with the accusations of fallacious reasoning. This is because it is only with the destruction of reality that these people can win.