covid facemask
© engin akyurt / Unsplash
Do you remember the lockdown being imposed on us, supposedly to flatten the curve?

Did you notice that the curve was flattened weeks ago and we are still in lockdown in various shapes and forms, with bizarre rules covering many aspect of our lives?

Did you notice your democracy has been whittled away under the banner of Covid?

Yes, quarantine has been used successfully in preventing the spread of certain diseases, by isolating sick, but not by quarantining perfectly healthy people!!

Around 1885, the spread of smallpox was stopped successfully in the UK by isolating sick people, initiated in Leicester, after parents refused to let any more of their kids be killed or maimed by the smallpox vaccine. You can read the fully referenced story in Dr Suzanne Humphries' book Dissolving Illusions, or check out Hilary Butler's blog

Since when does a healthy population have to be put under lockdown for a flu illness that, based on NZ Ministry of Health data, has a 98 percent recovery rate? And if truth be known the other 2 percent were elderly people with multiple health conditions in aged care, some under hospice care, who were denied the loving embrace of their families and their caregivers and were transferred to hospitals to be greeted by doctors/nurses dressed in PPE.

These precious, dear souls died alone so that the Government could justify its draconian lockdown and make up a mortality rate for the World Health Organisation's phony statistics. According to the MoH, some of these patients were not even tested for Covid and some had indeed tested negative, yet their deaths were put down to Covid!

I hope and pray that New Zealand people will soon wake up from the Covid-induced coma, before it is too late and they wake up in a surveillance society with no democracy and no freedom.

There are plenty of independent doctors, immunologists, epidemiologists, professors, scientists and journalists who have debunked all the lies associated with Covid and the lockdowns. They base their opinions on real data and evidence, not on terror-inducing computer models, conjured up by conflicted scientists, which have been proven gravely wrong.

One last thing; notice how they locked down the whole nation on some precautionary principle to save lives, but when it comes to 5G all precautions are thrown to the wind and the Government, while we were under the lockdown, hastened the spread of this dangerous technology all over NZ? The health effects of these millimetre waves are well known. In some high frequencies, these radiations cause respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic illnesses and cognitive issues, etc.

Once the 5G goes live with these high frequencies and our young and old show some of these serious health issues, do you think the Government will take 5G masts down, or will it sweep it under the carpet of Covid?

Please do research 5G, listen to independent scientists, read peer-reviewed scientific papers warning us about the huge health dangers of 5G in high frequencies.

Those telco technical experts paraded on TV and MSM are not going to tell you the truth about 5G and its health effects, that in certain frequencies will make Covid look like child's play! Ask your Government to apply the same level of precautionary principles to 5G now! Not locking you down in your houses with your 5G modems, but rather removing those 5G towers, ending telco permission to use dangerous, high-frequency mm waves and limiting the permitted power intensity of communication waves to building biology safety guidelines (10,000 times less than what our Government allows at present)!