large hail
Eight-year-old Will Moody says he found it in a field.

It's amazing what Mother Nature can produce in the sky.

Friday night, large hail stones fell in Burkburnett -- just northwest of Wichita Falls.

Eight-year-old Will Moody found one in a field at a friend's house after the storm passed -- and it was larger than a softball.

"It was really big," Will Moody said. "I've never seen a hail stone that big."

His dad, Cody Moody, said he couldn't believe the size of it.

""I was quite shocked. Like I said, I've never seen anything even remotely that large when it comes to hail stones," Moody said. "I've lived here for the majority of my life and seen a bunch of crazy storms, but I've never seen one quite so full of hail like that."

Cody Moody said the National Weather Service measured it to have circumference of about 14 1/2 inches.

A softball measures 12 inches in circumference.

Moody said the large hail stone was being saved for now.

"So they still got it over there in a freezer in a bag," Moody said. "The national weather guy kind of told us how to take care of it and he is going to pass the information along to some researchers there that are maybe going to come and take 3D scan of it or something to be able to research these things."