Nurse Nicole Sirotek
Nurse Nicole Sirotek comes forward

NYC nurse Nicole Sirotek comes forward with a shocking first-hand account of 'holocaust-like' treatment of Covid-19 patients. In this must-see video, below, Ms. Sirotek explains how the NYC hospital she has been assigned to appears to be intentionally mismanaging the care given, particularly (we are to infer) to patients of color (black and latino patients) in the ICU and in relation to Covid-19 diagnosis. Or it may be the case that the hospital, in pushing up Covid mortalities, does so without particular regard for race but as a matter of location would have more patients of color.

A shattered and demoralized ICU nurse, Ms. Sirotek explains clearly that these patients are not in fact dying of Covid-19, but of criminal degrees of mismanagement and professionalism to such an extent that it cannot be a mistake.

This account mirrors a related story out of New York which FRN featured last week. In that account, a nurse speaking on behalf of an anonymous friend, relayed nearly identical information - they are 'murdering' patients and labeling the deaths 'Covid-19 presumed'.

Watching these two side by side creates a better picture of how this situation, what Mike Pompeo referred to as a 'live exercise' has played out in NYC hospitals.

Click on the image or here , to go to this parallel story from late April 27th.