Shiveluch volcano ash plume
© TASS/Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The Shiveluch volcano in Russia's Kamchatka in the Far East has spewed ash as high as 10 km above sea level on Wednesday, the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT) said.

"The column of ash rose 9.5-10 km above sea level. According to KVERT's satellite data, the ash cloud spread nearly 45 km to the south and south-east from the volcano toward the Kamchatka Bay," KVERT said.

Volcanologists say that Shiveluch's explosive-extrusive eruption continues. The volcano may spew ash again as high as 10-15 km above sea level at any moment.

The Shiveluch is the northernmost active volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula. It is located in 50 km from the Klyuchi settlement with around 5,000 residents. The Shiveluch is 3,283 meters high and around 60,000-70,000 years old. The volcano has been erupting since spring 2009.