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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has lead to a great many measures being introduced that look a whole lot like a medical police state. People are confined to their homes, only allowed to leave for 'essential' purchases, all non-essential businesses have shutdown, surveillance measures have been introduced and a number of individual rights have been suspended.

While a significant number of people are just waiting for everything to "go back to normal," willingly obeying the lockdown orders with zeal and calling out and shaming those who don't, others citing precedent from events like 9/11 can see that there is no back-to-normal. This is the new normal. Once the coronavirus recedes, as it inevitably will, what incentive is there for governments to turn everything back to how it was, giving up the powers of control they so easily instituted?

Welcome to the medical police state, where your individual rights take a backseat to a non-issue virus no worse than the flu. Join us on this episode of Objective:Health where we hash it out.

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Here's the transcript of the show:

Elliot: Hello everyone, welcome to this week's edition of Objective Health. I'm going to be your host this week, my name is Elliot. I'm joined in the virtual studio by Doug, Erica and Tiffany. Welcome guys.


On the ones and twos, we have Damian.

Damian: Hello.

Elliot: For today's topic, we didn't really have a choice to speak about anything else. You can probably guess what it is. It's interesting because I was saying before I was thinking before the show, in preparation for the show, we did another show on this a couple of weeks ago, maybe last month, and and it's on the coronavirus. At that point I don't think anyone, whether it be the host, myself, or the listeners, could have anticipated how things have gone. Things have really heated up in many ways and I'm not talking about the severity of the so-called pandemic.

Anyone with half a brain cell, if they actually looked into the topic, can understand the concept that the coronavirus is not actually as bad as we are being told by the health authorities. It turns out that there are many dissenting voices, not only amongst the general public but also amongst the academic research scientists, world-leading epidemiologists, pathologists, virologists, all kinds of ologists {laughter} who specializes in infections, in pathology and in public health. They are coming out and saying quite clearly that the social and economic measures which are being implemented are not justified. Essentially, the whole world is in lockdown aside from a couple of countries.

Now, these measures are not justified in relation to the severity of the Coronavirus. In fact, if we look at the number of deaths they are still relatively low, even if we are going from the official numbers. There are many professionals who are well trained to interpret numbers like these and they are coming out and saying quite openly that the numbers that we see in the media, that we're being told by the health authorities, are likely being inflated. I would just like to say that personally these past couple of weeks I've been flabbergasted and it feels a little bit like we are living in a bit of a dream.

[Music interruption]

Damian: Sorry.

Doug: What was that?

Damian: It was me.

Doug: Somebody is asleep on the ones and twos. {Laughter}

Tiffany: That was weird, just like this entire situation. I'm with you Elliot. Things have moved so fast. It's like we have entered into an entirely new reality and this makes 9-11 look like little kids playing in a sandbox. When you were talking about all the epidemiologists and the virologists and all those other ologists who are waying that the response is kind of overblown, they're also saying, for the most part, that his COVID-19 (I should say the "novel Coronavirus" as they keep ramming down our throats how novel it is and they especially want to repeat how it came from Wuhan), but at any rate, most of them say that the Coronavirus is not necessarily lethal. Of course older people, people with preexisting health conditions, should take precautions, but a lot of them are saying that it's no worse than an actual flu.

In the US at least, we have Dr. Anthony Fauci, who looks like a little jockey and should be riding in the Kentucky Derby, {laughter}, he actually backtracked on his own predictions. He was saying that this is no worse than the flu and yet he gets up on television in front of President Trump every day during their briefings and he's talking about how we have to take all of these measures in order to protect the people in the country and he's secretly, in a journal where the average person is not going to read it, said that this is no worse than the flu and that he overestimated his numbers as far as how many people are going to die. These are strange times we are living in.

Doug: Absolutely! It seems pretty clear that there's some kind of agenda being propagated. That sounds like tinfoil hat kind of stuff. I'm not necessarily saying that the virus was bioengineered or that the virus doesn't exist or whatever the case may be. I know that there is a lot of different stuff out there, but you can't really deny that people are people. The elite are using this to their advantage in many ways.

The whole idea is that there is medical martial law going on right now, to varying degrees. We don't have an official definition of martial law necessarily, but basically forcing everybody to stay in their houses and only letting them out for essential things and doing all kinds of really ridiculous authoritarian things, making people jump through hoops.

In France you have to fill out a form to be able to leave your house but you are filling out the form yourself. You are giving yourself permission to leave the house. It seems like there is so much here to unpack, but it seems like there is an agenda being instituted right now. It's the kind of thing we have been talking about for ages, and now it's here.

Erica: You're right Doug, there is an agenda. In 2014 it was called the Global Health Security Agenda and it was backed by the US Health and Human Services, the World Health Organisation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI-The Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunizations and health officials from dozens of countries. They basically created a health security agenda for the world and they laid out their plans. One of their top plans is to vaccinate the entire population and drive changes in national legislation to do so, and we have been seeing that. We have been doing this show for about five years and we have been documenting all these different legislative changes that are happening, at least in the United States and places like Italy. Then, there are other countries that aren't buying into that.

They use arguments of "health emergencies and security threats" to do so and when they do that, they bypass informed consent laws and constitutional rights. Back in 2014 we covered the topic of the measles scare at DisneyLand. This was the beginning of this agenda where they went after vaccine exemptions, especially in California. Then in 2016, President Obama signed a major US funding for this Global Health Security Agenda with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

So you're right. It is an agenda and we are watching it play out almost exactly how they outlined it. Sometimes you feel like you're a tinfoil-hat-wearing person because you think this vaccine thing is just getting so crazy and you start to question your own sanity and then this happens and you are like, okay, maybe I wasn't so crazy after all. {laughter}

Doug: There is an article that is good at giving a rundown of all that stuff you were just talking about Erica. It was on Children's Health Defence and it was called Does the Coronavirus Pandemic Serve a Global Agenda? and they go into a lot of that backstory. Damian, I don't know if you can pull it up.

Damian: I've got a bunch here I'm trying to find.

Tiffany: There was an article that was put up on SOTT today called Did Bill Gates just Reveal the Reason Behind the Lockdowns? During an interview one of the weird things that he said was "we don't want a lot of recovered people." {Laughter}

Doug: I can't tell if these are gaffes that Bill Gates makes, maybe he has got a little bit of Biden in him and just spits something out that maybe isn't quite right. He also said that vaccination will help with population control and I know the conspiracy realists jumped on that pretty hard.

Tiffany: So they should have.

Doug: Did he really mean that? I think that you are probably right.

Tiffany: I think that if you are Bill Gates then you are richer than practically everybody else on the planet so no one is above you and you are above the law and if you have all of these philanthropic organisations people give you this platform and you can just express yourself. I'm sure that to make it to the head of an organisation you have got to be kind of cutthroat so he probably has a fairly high opinion of himself and he is just given free reign to talk and talk and talk. It seems like every once in a while he is going to let something slip about how he really feels. {laughter} Nobody can keep that tight a reign on their psychopathy at all times.

Doug: In the article you were just talking about, the one about BIll Gates, it said that he is treated like a head of state when he goes to these different things like the G20 or wherever it is that he is going, he gets the royal treatment, so to speak.

Tiffany: Another thing that he said which is the agenda, or one of the agendas, was that "Eventually what we'll have to have is certificates of who's a recovered person, who's a vaccinated person, because you don't want people moving around the world where you'll have some countries that won't have it under control, sadly. You don't want to completely block off the ability for people to go there and come back and move around. So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up."

In other words, if you don't have your certificate you cannot participate in the global economy or the global structure in any way. You can't travel, you can't work, maybe you can't buy or sell. Is this the mark of the beast? I've had my tinfoil hat pretty much stapled on top of my head the last month. {laughter}

Elliot: It seems that if these globalists, these psychos at the top, got their way then I think that they would make vaccination mandatory, all highly organised into an electronic system, an electronic database, an international database. If you don't fall in line then you can quite easily be completely isolated from society.

Tiffany: I don't think that they are going to have to try too hard because the fear surrounding this is like nothing that anybody has ever seen. People are going to be begging for it.

Doug: It's quite stunning to see the number of people just on social media, who are essentially begging for tighter controls, begging for a police state essentially, not even a police state, a police planet, prison planet.

Tiffany: First they are saying "It'll just be 2-weeks", now "It'll just be till the end of the month" then "Maybe it'll be till one more month". Around where I live schools are closed until the end of the year and that's June. I think that they are going to keep pushing it out and pushing it out trying to create a buzz and a demand for their vaccine. People are going to be so fed up with everything that is going on that they will do anything to make it stop. "Please just make it stop! I will do whatever you want!"

Doug: Maybe we should all put another layer of tin foil on here. One thing that I have seen talked about quite a bit with this whole tracking thing and the whole idea of being chipped and having a chip put in you. What did it say in the Bible? In your wrist or in your forehead or something like that?

The whole social credit system that they have going on in China, it seems like they have already rolled out this level of control there to an extent. But it's still done through the phones. They haven't been implanting chips in anybody yet. You see that they are working on this kind of stuff, you've seen the chips. I saw this one thing with this guy in Sweden who went and got himself a chip and was showing on a video how great it was because he could go and scan his wrist and pay for his coffee at a coffee shop.

Tiffany: And not have to open the door at his office! {Laughter}

Doug: So convenient! So worth it! I'm just throwing that out there. I'm not necessarily saying it's going to happen. Back 10 or 15 years ago there was a crazy lady - I called her a crazy lady but maybe she wasn't - and she would stand on the corner giving out these things saying "don't get the mark of the beast 666. Don't let yourself be implanted with the chip" and everybody thought this woman was schizophrenic but I have to go and find that lady because she clearly had the inside scoop. {Laughter}

Tiffany: Is it just me or did I read something about having a chip in a vaccine? I have been reading so much about this.

Erica: That's what I was thinking Tiff because I was reading an article called While we are Focused on the Coronavirus Pandemic, the real Danger is "Agenda ID 2020". This is an alliance of public and private partners including the UN agencies and civil society and it's an electronic ID program "...that uses generalised vaccination as a platform for digital identity. The program harnesses existing birth registration and vaccination operations to provide newborns with a portable and persistent biometrically linked digital identity."

GAVI, which is Bill Gates' Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations, describes itself as a public/private partnership dedicated to immunisation for all. So I think you're right Tiff, I don't even think they need to give you a chip. They will have a nanoparticle in the up and coming vaccine and that will be your chip. It could be that easy, just from what we have researched for this show in the past. I don't even think it will be implanted into your skin, it will be in the vaccine. That's my tin foil hat theory.

Elliot: In the United States it looks like they are pushing for this mandatory vaccine and there are various types of laws being proposed in different states in the US. There is an individual called Barbara Lowe Fischer who wrote an article talking about this very thing. She's talking about how there are different states where they are trying to eliminate the vaccine exemptions or they are trying to make it more difficult for you to get an exemption.

If it's based on religious belief it doesn't count and they are trying to make it very difficult for physicians to grant medical exemptions. Previously, if yourself or a family member had previously had an adverse vaccine reaction then that would allow you to get exemptions because of family trauma or simply because you're likely to be one of those sensitive individuals who is going to react negatively to the vaccine. Apparently, according to the laws that are being proposed, even if you have had a previous adverse reaction to a vaccine that still doesn't make you exempt from getting the new vaccine and you would still be required to get it. They are making it impossible for doctors, they are trying to outlaw vaccine exemption by the looks of things.

She also wrote about something else they were doing. One of them is that state laws are requiring schools to publicly post vaccine coverage rates for the purpose of shaming schools that allow students with vaccine exemptions to receive a school education. They are going to make all of the schools publish their vaccination rate and then the ones that don't have 100% are going to get publicly shamed and probably either get into line or go out of business.

It seems that they are going to make it very difficult, if not practically impossible, for the majority of people to get around this if they want to have things like health care, if they want to leave the country, or if they want to work, the stuff that human beings generally need to do to live. It seems like they are making it very difficult.

Tiffany: In this case, "my body, my choice" doesn't matter, but if you want to have an abortion that is perfectly fine. Even if there was no vaccine or even if they had a vaccine that actually worked and if vaccines did work in this magical world we are picturing, even without all of that there are still police state measures. Even if no one comes to your door and jams a needle in your arm, you can still be arrested for violating quarantine. You can be tested against your will, and what will happen if you test positive? Are they going to take you someplace? Are they going to force you to stay in your house?

Doug: That's what they have FEMA camps for.

Tiffany: Even if they don't force vaccines there are plenty of ways that they can make your life a living hell for not toeing the line.

Erica: Here in the United States there is a bailout. Each person is going to get $1200. How do we know that that's not going to be contingent upon you meeting "special medical requirements"?

Elliot: Several commentators have already highlighted that if this doesn't go on as it currently is then there's a possibility that this Corona stuff might calm down. The general public has now been primed to accept this and the authorities must be laughing, they really must be laughing because they know that they have got the public by the balls, so to speak. You actually have the majority of average people begging for tighter measures. We have self-policing, it's something that you read out of a communist Russian or Nazi German journal. Sebastian Haffner, who wrote the book Defying Hitler, wrote about the social dynamics that were occurring. That's what we have seen over the past couple of weeks, especially in the UK.

We have seen members of the public grassing, snitching on their neighbours who they previously had friendly relations with. They are actually calling the police over their neighbours going for one extra session of exercise or taking their dog for a walk for a second time. That's how crazy this has gotten, people have gotten hysterical, they have become somewhat insane.

Doug: I read a story about a woman who turned in her own son because he was defying quarantine and he ended up getting a massive fine. "Thanks mum!" It is insane and that's one thing that has really surprised me, the amount of authoritarian personalities that weère actually surrounded by all the time. There are people who are eating this up and who really want these tight controls and who want to sit on their high horse and rat everybody out because "I'm obeying the quarantine measures, why isn't that person? I'm going to call the police on them, that's his second jog!" I actually find it quite shocking, people who I previously thought had a good head on their shoulders have now revealed themselves to be complete authoritarian followers.

Tiffany: There was an incident in Maine which was on a CNN article from March 30th: Armed Vigilantes Blocked a Neighbour's Drive with a Tree to Force Him into Quarantine. This guy said he went out to check his cable box and he saw a tree blocking his driveway and his neighbour started yelling at him and more people showed up and they were gathering around and he said he ran and told his roommates. They thought that this guy should be in quarantine so they decided that they were going to take matters into their own hands and try to stop him from leaving the house.

Doug: That is unreal!

Tiffany: In Kentucky, there's another one. In the United States patient zero was supposed to have been in Kentucky and at the time of this article - this was April 4th - there were 37 whole people who died in the entire state of Kentucky. Now, they are requiring that people who are ordered into quarantine have to wear ankle bracelets. They are prisoners basically.

Doug: Oh my god!

Tiffany: "This'll never happen, the United States will never become a police state and things will go back to normal." No, it's not normal.

Ercia: What is scary about it in the US is that when you think about martial law, you think about troops on the street and in gas stations and in stores, but really people are quarantining themselves, they are self isolating, they are turning people in, and they are being erratic in their thinking and their actions. You don't necessarily even need troops on the ground...

Tiffany: You don't.

Erica: ...to see how the agenda plays out. These stories that you shared Tiffany, Americans taking control of the situation, that is just bound to lead to more unrest and upheaval.

Tiffany: If you listen to or read the mainstream news at all then you'll see a lot of their stories have the focus that "this person didn't social distance" or "this group of teenagers went down to spring break and when they came back they had Coronavirus". People are shaming each other.

There was a clip that was going around where a guy in Brooklyn was standing on his balcony yelling at people to go in the house, as if he has any authority over anybody's lives. This kind of thing is happening more and more and more. The media helps it out by having the theme in news stories where the major takeaway point is to shame these people for not toeing the line.

Doug: Even Paul Joseph Watson's latest video was basically shaming people for not social distancing. This guy is supposed to be some kind of counterculture rebel and he is on there shaming people for not social distancing?

Tiffany: He made fun of Ebola so hard, if you listen to some of his Ebola videos back in 2014, he was totally ragging on that entire situation, but for this one his tune has changed.

Doug: He has turned into a finger wagger.

Erica: You wonder why people switch like that so quickly. How can they go from rational thinking to essentially contracting a mind-virus where all of a sudden paranoid thinking takes over and all common sense goes out the window? I think that's the really scary part about it. People that you would normally think have common sense and who are pretty informed, all of a sudden you see it spreading in "normal people". I think that's the biggest concern, is it going to continue to go in that direction.

Elliot: Meanwhile, in the UK you have different constituencies, different police forces in different areas who have taken a different stance on this. Some are a little bit more authoritarian than others. There is an area of the UK, Derbyshire, whose police force has gotten a bit of bad attention over the past couple of weeks because they have really hit their population quite hard. They were publicly shaming people.

There is quite a lovely area in the UK where there is a mountain range and some lovely hills. It's called the peak district. It's a beautiful area with lots of lovely scenery. What they were doing was using drones and videoing people going for walks, videoing cars parked in the nature reserve, and publicly shaming them for that. There is a particular area called the Blue Lagoon and it's well known and gets many tourists. The water is a pristine sky blue colour and it's beautiful. It's an amazing sight. What did they do? Well they got some black dye and they dyed it! They dyed it black to stop people from going to see it! It's fundamentally illogical as well because the nature of going for a long walk in nature is that you are not near anyone else, you are fundamentally social distancing. So it's very much a contradictory idea.

They are saying that you should not be around other people, but at the same time when someone is out in nature they shame them. From what I can see, it highlights that this isn't about social distancing, this is about control.

Erica: Exactly.

Elliot: This is about people being inside and the authorities taking full control of human beings, of what they are doing, where they are, what they're listening to. This is not about social distancing. The narrative is about protecting people. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing. What's the saying? The path to hell is paved with good intentions? I don't even think that these authorities have good intentions in many cases. I think they are literally trying to exert as much control as they can on the general public in the name of good, in the name of safety, and it makes me sick!.

Doug: I agree. I don't remember where it was but there was some place where they had mandated what types of sports you could do. If it was a sport in which you were moving forward, that was allowed because you were going forward, but if it was any kind of sport where you were stationary that's not allowed.

Tiffany: What?! {laughter}

Doug: Show me one piece of evidence that that would be effective. One piece of evidence at all. I think if you were to sit down and talk to the ridiculous bureaucrats who are coming up with these kinds of things and said "Okay, you show me some evidence that that's effective," they wouldn't be able to. Even all the social distancing stuff, why two meters? Before it was 1.5 but why? Apparently a sneeze can travel 8 meters so why two meters? How did you come up with that number? What's the evidence of that? I bet there isn't any. Like you were saying Elliot, it isn't about protecting anyone, it's about control, controlling people and making them jump through these ridiculous hoops.

Tiffany: Well you notice that in their press conferences they are all standing up there together not social distancing at all. They're not worried.

Doug: They don't take it seriously. The politician who is the health minister in New Zealand was on TV telling everybody that they have to stay inside and "don't go out and do any sports because if you get injured then you will be drawing resources away from medics". They catch him going out 2 km from his home going mountain biking. He is wagging the finger at everybody else saying that you all have to do this, but no, not him. He is part of the elite "The rules aren't for us, they're for you. You're the cattle".

Erica: In California, down in Los Angeles a guy was out in the ocean on a stand-up paddle board and the coast guard handcuffed him and arrested him even though he was in the middle of the ocean by himself.

Doug: Do you know how many dolphins he was endangering being out there? {laughter} It's unbelievable.

Tiffany: The story from today on FOX News in Massachusetts, three golfers were arrested today for violating the Rhode Island Coronavirus quarantine order. Some guys thought that they would have a little fun and go out for some golf. They were driving in a car with a Rhode Island license plate because apparently a while back there was this thing about a bunch of New Yorkers trying to escape to Rhode island and Rhode island was trying to crack down on that. These guys went to a McDonalds afterwards and the employees called the police on them and they got arrested.

Doug: Oh my God. What is it in a person that turns them into a rat like that? Is it just because they are scared? Is that why? Or are they getting some kind of sadistic pleasure out of this?

Tiffany: I think it's both.

Elliot: I think it is times like these that really bring out the true nature of people. Like we were talking about, some of the so-called alternatives, people who have commented on politics, geopolitics, and on the state of the world in the past, people who seemed to have a rational take on how things actually work, it seems that even those people who you expected better of, have turned out to be authoritarian followers themselves. Especially when they start to feel the heat.

That's the thing. You can comment on events occurring 5,000 miles across the world in another country in the Middle East and seem to have your head straight, but as soon as you think that something is coming to you and potentially endangering you, you start to show your true colours. I think that might be what is going on. For the average member of the public it's scary to see how many people openly welcome this.

Previously I have found it very difficult to conceptualise, understand or come to grips with a situation like Nazi Germany and how that could play out in real life, how the German society could go from being relatively normal and stable - of course they have their economic upheavals - to within the space of a couple of years, get to a point where they were openly Nazi and supporting Hitler. There are a lot of people who I think that if you transported them 80-years back, they'd be Nazis. It's the same psychological dynamic, the same underpinning authoritarianism that is quite disturbing, people who you live with in your communities.

Tiffany: In your own house!

Elliot: And there's that a swell, exactly.

Tiffany: In the case of the mum who reported her son! If there is anything about this whole situation, it is that it's really highlighting the fact that the whole left/right, black/white paradigm doesn't mean squat. It's about who you are on the inside. It doesn't matter if your politics are left leaning or right leaning. There are right wing conservative people who were previously thought of as knowing a lot and being on the right side of history who are completely falling to this fear virus.

Doug: I haven't heard a whole lot of stories about woke stuff going on lately. {laughter} One plus side of all this is that I haven't heard anything about bathrooms or genders or anything like that in quite some time. It's almost like that stuff isn't important. {Laughter}

Tiffany: Speaking of the other day, another plus side of this, even though I am totally against any laws eliminating the freedom of assembly, I'm glad we at least don't have to deal with those extinction rebellion douchebags. {Laughter}

Doug: Greta has been awfully quiet too.

Elliot: There've been some excellent memes about Greta.

Tiffany: They are using this whole crisis to push through a lot of environmental policies that they were trying to get through before. You see a lot of comments saying "The animals are returning to nature. The water is cleaner".

Doug: The air is cleaner, the CO2 levels are going down. It's almost like - yet another layer of tin foil on - they tried to institute things from an environmental perspective and they were trying to corral people into this police state using the environmental aspect and it didn't work, because some people out there care a lot about that sort of stuff and some people don't give a shit. This is like the next step though. It's forcing it. "You didn't stop flying and becoming vegetarian when we told you it was going to save the planet so now we are going to lock you in your house."

Erica: It's interesting you way that because the EPA suspended enforcement of environmental laws amid this virus. They issued a sweeping suspension of its enforcement of environmental laws telling companies they would not need to meet environmental standards during this coronavirus outbreak. The temporary policy has no end date which will allow a number of industries to skirt environmental laws.

Tiffany: Well I always question myself whether these big environmentalists really care about the earth as much as they say they do or if their bigger problem was human beings themselves. This will really bring that out to the forefront.

Elliot: I mentioned it briefly earlier, but seeing how the population at large has welcomed these kinds of draconian measures, it's basically martial law. It is essentially martial law in many places.

Tiffany: They don't use that language, they use softer language.

Elliot: If you compare the two, we are living in lockdown, see how easy it was to get people to be open to that and to beg for stricter measures is crazy. Even if this doesn't play out and if everything calms down - I'm not sure that it will, it's hard to say what will happen over the next couple of , reality really keeps you on your toes - but let's say that things do calm down, it would be very easy to do again in the future with any event;, whether it's supposed terrorist threat, whether it is some kind of weather event, another viral outbreak or some other kind of infection, we now have all of the measures in place.

The governments know that people will toe the line. They will get in line immediately and they will happily isolate themselves and police themselves. It's lowered the bar. Now it is easily accessible for them. Whenever they want to they can drill this out again. The requirements have come right down and everyone has accepted it. It's now the new norm.

Tiffany: They have said that several times in many articles I've seen written, "This is the new normal," "This is the new normal." They're really drilling that into us.

Doug: Even when things go back to normal they probably won't actually go back to normal. A lot of these measures that are being instituted right now will be kept. "It's pretty handy having everybody in their house all the time and needing a permission slip to go out. Maybe we'll keep that one aspect and maybe we'll keep this other aspect as well, and this one." So there might be a return to some semblance to normalcy, but I think that you are going to see that a lot of these things that didn't exist pre-Covid are going to continue to exist post-Covid. That's just the way things are. That's the way it goes. The same thing happened with 9-11.

Tiffany: My theory is that since the economy is just over I think that's probably going to be one of the biggest ramifications from this whole Covid crisis. There are millions of people out of work and people are going to be thrown into poverty, there are going to be riots and bank runs. I think that if things do lighten up just a little bit, it might give us a bit of breathing room and then they will squeeze back down. "We have a number of cases in this area, we are going to have to go back into quarantine." They'll do that for a little while and then they will let it back up, and then they will squeeeeeze it back down! {Laughter} That's my tinfoil hat squeeze.

Doug: Over and over and over again.

Tiffany: Like a boot stamping on your face forever, or your neck. Who said that? Orwell?

Doug: Orwell, yeah.

Elliot: Very disturbing. We definitely live in crazy times.

Tiffany: I expect to see more arrests, more people getting ankle bracelets and more people snitching on each other.

Erica: The language around it has gotten so bizarre. All of a sudden everyone is using even the words "social distancing" as opposed to "social isolation". You see how all of a sudden people are using all these new terms that weren't used before. I'm going to be the optimist here and say that I think certain communities, especially rural based communities, are not buying it. They are not going to swallow this without some sort of pushback. In Southern states where people are armed and not integrated into big city centres, I think people are going to see that this is all manufactured in a way that is not for their benefit.

Doug: All the preppers and the anti-vaxxers, hopefully those people are going to stand strong.

Erica: In the state of North Carolina, getting back to what you were talking about earlier Elliot, before the quarantine that was instituted last week on Monday, they closed all the national parks and I was like, "This is crazy! There's nobody at the national parks! It's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of acres. Why would they close the national park?!" Then two days later they imposed essential travel only. We're farmers so we were able to get a permit from the Department of Agriculture for anybody who was working on the farm so if you get stopped and asked for your papers, you have to show that you are an essential service. "Papers please." Who would have thought that in 2020 that what we have been talking about for so many years would come to pass?!

Elliot: On the topic of the economy, I have very little knowledge about economics. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about it, but at the same time it doesn't take a rocket scientist or an economist to see that this is potentially economic suicide. There are that many people who have already felt the brunt of it. There was a very good analysis, I think from James Corbett, who said that the damage has already been done. It doesn't matter. A longer lockdown is going to make things worse. It compacts the issue, but actually, the damage is already done and potentially it's not going to rear its head for a month, maybe two months, but the effects on the economy, on society as a whole might take a little while to show their faces but it's definitely going to have some serious repercussions and we are likely all going to be affected in ways that we probably don't know.

Now aside from that aspect, looking at the deaths we are constantly bombarded with these numbers of how many people are dying. If you look at the statistics it seems pretty clear or it seems clear so far that the people who are dying are mostly over 70/80-years old. Even then, if a couple of people die and they are in their early 20's to mid-30's, oftentimes they do have preexisting health conditions. There are cases of people who don't. We are not saying that these people don't get the virus and die, but it seems that the numbers are definitely being pumped up.

The number taking is biased in and of itself and there are a few different reasons for that. The thing that I keep coming back to is the amount of people who are in genuine need in terms of healthcare who are being pushed aside and are potentially dying because of that. These people are not being factored into the number of people killed by the coronavirus. There are untold numbers of individuals who are having their appointments cancelled and having their treatment delayed. They are the people who are genuinely in need and are relying on healthcare services and these are the people who are actually suffering.

How many people will die because of having their service shut down, or having their ambulances delayed, or having the hospitals filled up? It's impossible to tell but I suspect in a year or so the numbers are not going to look good.

Doug: They will blame it on coronavirus.

Tiffany: There was a hospital in Sarasota, Florida that put a lot of its employees on furlough because of the lack of patients to see. People are not having surgeries or visiting their doctors for their regular checkups because of this issue that's going on so they don't have any work to do so they get put on furlough. Throughout history, during doctor's strikes they have noticed that the number of deaths go down. I don't know, it could go either way. People are notoriously being overtreated and mismanaged with their healthcare. It might be a good idea for them to take a break from the medical system for a while. {laughter}

Elliot: That's a really good point about iatrogenesis: the amount of people who die every year from medical malpractice, mistakes and the side effects of drugs and unnecessary treatments. We've spoken about this multiple times on the show. Perhaps two weeks of being away from the medical doctors may balance out with the coronavirus numbers. The western population will probably be in a better position and end up with less deaths overall. That's a bit of a controversial view though isn't it? {laughter}

Doug: I guess so, so many people being saved from their doctors.

Tiffany: Not to be a pessimist, but come on!

Doug: Anyone know how we can put a positive spin on this? {Laughter}

Tiffany: World War II, revolutions, and plagues and all that stuff. Civilisations fall, that's just the way it is. I don't have much hope {laughter} but I don't feel distressed about it. Knowledge is power. We have been doing this show for quite a long time and we have had to do a lot of research on various different health topics and social issue topics for a very long time. To think that nothing like this would be possible, at least for us, I don't think any of us thought that we would sail through the rest of our lives and never see a major crisis of some sort.

Doug: That's true. I guess one plus side is that people now have the opportunity to go through our whole back catalogue of shows. There are so many good Objective Health episodes that can be caught up on right now. {Laughter}

Tiffany: Don't forget about our old show, the Health and Wellness Show.

Elliot: You've got about 5,000 hours of shows. {Laughter} In all fairness, for those with the eyes to see it, who might have been aware of this alternative information for the past two decades or longer than that, there have been many people who have warned people of this, warned that although it's easy to run along with normalcy bias and to assume that everything is going to remain the way that it is currently, societies do collapse. Civilization does collapse and as we've been saying for many years, the western civilization, particularly the US and Western Europe, when you look at the signs of society, you look at the economy, you look at the politics, there have been many indicators that we are on the brink of collapse anyway.

Historically, there are several different characteristics that characterize a collapsing civilisation. In the western world we fit many of these criteria. We have been trying to document that for the past five years. If you have the eyes to see and you're watching what is going on in the world then it is something that everyone has to come to terms with, that we are likely going to be seeing changes in the future, very likely in the near future, and it is important to try to keep your head straight and to try to map how you're feeling and what you're seeing with objective reality and not get swept away in the hysteria, swept along with the mind viruses, because there are many of them. Try to continually search for the truth where possible, try to remain as calm and collected as you possibly can in any situation. Hopefully you will be in a better position to make the right choices at the right time if things change rapidly.

Erica: Very good advice Elliot.

Tiffany: There is one thing I want to see if we can follow up on before we sign off for today - and of course I can't find it, considering the amount of news that is happening every day and things change so quickly - one thing I have noticed was the tone that some of these people in positions of authority are starting to take.

With some of these health officials or law enforcement officials it seems like now for the most part, it's all smiles and "We are in this together." #Stay home with me, #cook with me and blah blah blah. "We are one big happy family" after we were just down each other's throats right before this started. {laughter}

But it seems like in some of the press conferences the tone in which they are speaking to people is getting gruffer and more authoritarian sounding. It sounds like you're being scolded by your evil stepdad or your evil stepmother. I am going to see if I can continue to watch some of these press conferences and see just what they sound like and what kind of tone they are taking. I find it kind of bizarre. I guess that's what people will start to be like as the police state advances.

Erica: And as the quarantines continue on. It's one thing to be out of work and in your home for a week or two weeks. Once we start getting into months it could change rapidly.

Elliot: Has anyone got anything else that they would like to say on this topic?

Tiffany: Enjoy the show.

Elliot: Sit back and enjoy the show. That is a good way of looking at it. Strap your seatbelt on tight! It might not just be a show, it might be a rollercoaster. {laughter}

Erica: Wash your hands! Wash your hands!

Elliot: It is possible that the rollercoaster might go off the tracks. {Laughter} If that's everything, I want to say thanks to my co-hosts and thanks to Damian and thanks to our audience, thanks for listening. If you liked this show, or you found it entertaining, or you found it helpful "like" and subscribe. Press the red button. You can share it on social media. Comment if you have got any recommendations or if you have got any questions or if there is anything you would like us to talk about that you think that we missed out on. We always like to hear feedback. Other than that, I think that's everything. Thanks for listening, we will see you next time.