Eventually, the Woke had to discover that Darwin is not a co-belligerent. We are told at Inside Higher Ed, "An assistant professor says he was fired because he dared to talk about human population variation and got slandered as a eugenicist:
[Bo] Winegard, who is in his second year at Marietta and is scheduled to leave at the end of the academic year, says the trouble started in October. That's when he was invited to address the University of Alabama's Evolution Working Group, which is affiliated with the university's evolution studies program. Both parties agreed that Winegard would talk about population variation, or, in his words, "the hypothesis that human biological differences are at least partially produced by different environments selecting for different physical and psychological traits in their populations over time."

The idea was to link the theory with natural selection, in line with a recent article Winegard co-wrote for Personality and Individual Differences. The article, called "Dodging Darwin: Race, Evolution and the Hereditarian Hypothesis," says, "Like most hereditarians (those who believe it likely that genes contribute to differences in psychological traits among human populations), we do not believe there is decisive evidence about the causes of differences in cognitive ability." Yet the "partial genetic hypothesis is most consistent with the Darwinian research tradition."

Colleen Flaherty, "Risky Research" at Inside Higher Ed
He also said some edgy things, as Flaherty reports. Then the RationalWiki trolls got involved: "racist bullshit for the right-wing online magazine Quillette."

The trouble is, there is a history here, one that is rarely confronted.

That said, the Woke are like a bear with a toothache — they attack whatever irritates them. Eventually, it will probably be literacy and numeracy that they see as an offense to their vision of an equality utopia where everyone exceeds the norm and no one knows anything.

Meanwhile, Winegard's contract was not renewed. Will Darwinians become as unpopular as they made ID types?