Huge fireball filmed over Bude, north Cornwall

Huge fireball filmed over Bude, north Cornwall
A huge fireball has been spotted in the skies over north Cornwall and the video is a must-watch!

Chris Small from Ocean and Earth Photography managed to catch the phenomenon on camera at Bude.

Now the photographer has released this incredible timelapse video.

If you watch one video all day - make it this one!

Bolide meteor over Bude
© Chris Small/Ocean and Earth Photography
Bolide meteor over Bude
"An enormous fireball explodes through the sky above Bude in Cornwall two nights ago (21st January, 11:24pm).

"You've probably already seen this on the news or in the papers, but here it is on my page.

"I just always seem to be in the right place at the right time for these things! That or I'm just always out!"

Chris added: "Thanks to Robert Lunsford from International Meteor Organization for confirming that it was a random occurrence, not associated with any meteor shower.

"It was roughly the size of a beach ball (1/2 a metre across) and it was travelling at a velocity of around 15-20km PER SECOND over the Bristol Channel!

"An incredible moment even if I was freezing my own beach balls off at the time".